Hundreds of Chinese-made drones are flying in DC restricted air space

Hundreds of Chinese-made drones are flying in DC restricted air space

Hundreds of Chinese-made drones have been detected in restricted airspace over the WHITE HOUSE in recent months amid fears of espionage threats

  • Hundreds of Chinese-made drones have flown over restricted airspace in Washington DC
  • So is the White House and the US Capitol building
  • Drones are manipulated by users so that they can enter no-fly zones
  • Security officials are concerned that this could lead to new ways of foreign espionage
  • The Chinese government said it was not involved

Hundreds of Chinese-made drones have flown over the Capitol and White House, using stealth technology to enter restricted airspace, according to a stunning new report on Wednesday.

The drones – made by Chinese company DJI – are built with “geofencing” technology intended to prevent them from flying through Washington DC’s many no-fly zones.

But the drones are being tampered with by users so they can zoom over restricted areas of the city, such as the White House and Capitol Hill.

Congress has received classified briefings on the matter amid fears from national security officials that it could become another tool for foreign espionage. Politico reported that.

The officials said they do not believe the drones are controlled by the Chinese government, but fear it is an example of how the aerial technology could be used.

Hundreds of Chinese-made drones have flown over restricted airspace in Washington DC

The Drones Are Made By The Chinese Company Dji; Above A Djj Mavic 2 Drone

The drones are made by the Chinese company DJI; above a Djj Mavic 2 drone

In July 2021, the Pentagon said systems made by DJI Technology pose “potential threats to national security.”

In October, the Defense Ministry added DJI to a blacklist of companies with alleged ties to the Chinese military, paving the way for sanctions.

A DJI spokesperson told Politico that while the company is making efforts to ensure that customers comply, “we cannot control the behavior of end users.”

“While DJI makes every effort to identify and inform our customers of areas where they cannot fly, unfortunately we have no control over end-user behavior,” said Arianne Burrell, communications manager for DJI Technology, Inc.

“But we are doing everything we can to make sure they follow the rules set by their premises,” she added.

All commercial drones, which use GPS for navigation, are designed so that they cannot operate within DC’s restricted airspace.

But there are several videos on the internet showing how to manipulate the drone so that it can fly where it is not allowed.

Lawmakers on the Senate Homeland Security, Commerce and Intelligence Committees have received classified briefings from federal agencies on the issue.

“Any technology product originating in China or Chinese companies carries a real risk and potential of vulnerability that can be exploited both now and in times of conflict,” Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee, told Politics. .

1669242270 495 Hundreds Of Chinese Made Drones Are Flying In Dc Restricted Air

Restricted Airspace In Washington Includes The Capitol (Top Photo) And The White House (Bottom Photo)

Restricted airspace in Washington includes the Capitol (top photo) and the White House (bottom photo)

“They’re either made in China or made by a Chinese company, but they put a sticker on it from a non-Chinese company that repackages it so you don’t even know you’re buying it,” Rubio said.

“But anything technological has the potential to have embedded vulnerabilities, either in the software or in the actual hardware, that can be exploited at any time.”

Relations between the US and China are at a strained point. President Joe Biden has hammered Beijing for trying to be a global economic power. His government is trying to counter Beijing’s increasing global influence.

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