Human remains belonging to FOUR infants discovered in Boston apartment

Fourteen remains of babies were found in a South Boston apartment. At least one infant was also found in a freezer.

  • In early November, the remains of four infants were found in an apartment in South Boston. One was also found inside a freezer.
  • Mid-November examinations revealed that the remains belonged to two males and two women. 
  • At this point, the results of the autopsies remain pending. 
  • The remains were found in a 1-bedroom apartment located within a nine unit building.
  • In this case, no arrests were made or suspects identified. 

Four infants’ remains were found in an apartment in South Boston, with at least one of them inside a freezer.

After police arrived at the apartment near Medal of Honor Park in mid November, they found the remains of two males, and two females. 

Officers were summoned to the apartment on November 17th to open a freezer in the one-bedroom apartment to search for ‘a human foetus or infant’. 

Homicide detectives returned to find the ‘additional person remains’ in the residence the day after the incident. Officials were unable to identify the location of their remains.

CBS Boston caught officials of the medical examiner’s offices walking out the building with a box measuring three feet in length. They were leaving the scene after the discovery of human remains.

The Medical Examiner'S Officer Was Called To This South Boston Apartment Building On November 17 And Discovered The Remains Of An Infant In A Freezer

The South Boston medical examiner’s officers were called to the apartment on November 17th and found the remains in a freezer. 

Over The Course Of Two Days, Four Sets Of Human Remains Were Discovered In The Apartment

In the apartment were four sets of human bones discovered over two days.

Local media witnessed the removal of a container from the building by a team from The Medical Examiner’s Office. According to NBC Boston

Boston Police officers confirmed Monday that post-mortem examinations were conducted and that the remains belonged two females as well as two males. 

The autopsies of the remains are still in progress. 

Property records indicate that nine units are located in the 800 block East Broadway. The unit under investigation is a one bedroom. 

A neighbor shared with a local outlet that their entire building was still reeling from the discovery and trying to come to terms. 

One man interviewed by the BBC said, “It’s terrible, I don’t know how anyone could do that to any baby or child at any stage of their lives.” CBS Boston said.

When Homicide Detectives Returned To The Apartment Building On November 18, Additional Human Remains Were Discovered

Additional human remains were found by homicide detectives when they returned to the apartment block on November 18 

The Remains Were Reportedly Discovered Inside A One-Bedroom Apartment

The remains were reported to have been found in a one-bedroom apartment 

Witnesses and neighbors saw two boxes being carried in and out by officials from the medical examiners’ office on the day the remains were removed. 

Two people carried one of the boxes, which was covered with a blue blanket.  

‘Disgust. In an interview, a bystander described the situation as “terrible” earlier in the month.

Another person stated that they had seen people “come in and go out” of their apartment, but never considered it.

“Just people coming in and out. “I think I’ve seen some people come in and go, but there’s never anything unusual or scary,” a resident claimed. 

The Building Is Located Near The Medal Of Honor Park In South Boston And Contains Nine Units

The building contains nine units and is located close to the Medal of Honor Park, South Boston.

The Results Of The Autopsies Conducted On The Remains Of The Two Males And Two Females Are Still Pending At This Time, Police Said

Police say that results from autopsies of the remains of the male and female bodies are still being waited. 

Bags With Unidentified Items Were Also Carried Out Of The Residence On November 17 And November 18

On November 17th and 18th, bags containing unidentified items were also taken from the residence.

No arrests or suspects were made as of November 28. 

It is also not clear who called 911 to bring investigators on the scene.  

Boston police are continuing to investigate the matter. 

Anybody with information should call the police at 617-343-4470. 

Anonymous tips may be called to CrimeStoppers at 1-800-494–TIPS or by texting “TIP” to CRIME (27463).

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