Hulu with Live TV will be coming to Android TV devices next month

Hulu has announced that today Android TV would be added to the list of supported platforms for his live TV bundle. Starting next month, owners of an Android TV-compatible television or set-top box, such as the Nvidia Shield, will have access to the Hulu bundle, which, in addition to streaming, only contains more than 60 channels with live programming. In addition, Hulu also brings its updated user interface to Android TV with the update.


The service costs $ 44.99 per month and is positioned as a competitor to other so-called skinny bundle services such as Sony's PlayStation Vue, Sling and YouTube TV. However, Hulu has the added advantage of offering its most important streaming options, making it a slightly more attractive service. In March, it was reported that with Live TV, Hulu had nearly 2 million subscribers, making it far ahead of YouTube and PlayStation Vue.

For many existing Hulu subscribers with Live TV, this should not be a groundbreaking update; the service is available on almost every conceivable platform. But it will mean more to the community of diehard Nvidia Shield fans, a niche but passionate home theater enthusiast group that has gathered around Android TV as a better alternative to the ecosystem options of Apple, Amazon, Roku, and TV manufacturers. Given that Hulu's live TV offering is currently more popular, it may be on Android TV and, by extension, the Nvidia Shield, potentially a big boost to new subscribers.

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