<pre><pre>Hulu has ordered a horror anthology series based on North American Lake Monsters

Hulu has ordered a new series of horror anthologies based on the short story collection of Nathan Ballingrud North American lake samples, according to Deadline. It is produced by Babak Anvari and Lucan Toh, the creative team behind the horror film wounds, who debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January. They are already familiar with Ballingrud's work: wounds is based on a different Ballingrud story, The Visible Filth. Anvari wrote and directed the film, and Toh was one of the producers. The film stars Dakota Johnson, Armie Hammer and Zazie Beetz.


The North American lake samples series is planned as a season of eight episodes, produced by Mary Laws, who produced AMC & # 39; s Preacher and co-wrote the film by Nicolas Winding Refn The Neon Demon. Hulu says the series will investigate the plight of people "driven to desperate acts in an effort to restore their lives, and ultimately show that there is a thin line between man and beast." Their stories will be "encounters with gothic animals, including fallen angels and werewolves."

That is an appropriate description of the Ballingrud collection. North American lake samples (The series probably does not share the same name as the collection, it is just called Untitled Mary Laws Project) collects nine short stories from Ballingrud, with a man with werewolves, a Lovecraftian adventure in the Arctic, some very scary vampires and a father and daughter who are engaged in the discovery of a stranded lake monster.

The collection is an excellent showcase for short horror. The individual stories are fantastic examples of how you can temper a story and build up a sense of tension, by using the supernatural to set up the related problems that people encounter every day. There is an abundance of good anthology-like shows out there on streaming services – Netflix & # 39; s Black mirror, CBS & # 39; s The twilight zone, HBO & # 39; s Room 104, Amazon & # 39; s Electric dreamsand Hulu & # 39; s Dimension 404and if done correctly, this series could be a striking mention. If things go well, Hulu would do well to look at Ballingrud's newest collection, wounds, which opened stores in April.