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Huge snake stops play in T20 cricket match in Sri Lanka – leaving stars stunned before a brave official chases it off the pitch


Huge snake stops play in a T20 cricket match in Sri Lanka, leaving the stars stunned before a brave official chases it off the pitch

  • Snake slithered onto the pitch during the T20 match
  • The game was stopped while the reptile remained on the ground.
  • Cricket fans were stunned by the images.

Players in a Sri Lankan T20 match were stunned after a huge snake entered the pitch causing a disruption to play.

It is understood that the unwanted visitor at the R. Premadasa Stadium when Galle Titans hosted their rivals Dambulla Aura was an ordinary rat snake.

The species is not venomous, but will bite if threatened.

In notable scenes, a Titans bowler informed the umpire that the snake had slithered onto the pitch after crossing the boundary.

A referee tried to scare him off by stamping his feet on the ground before a brave official tried to lead him off the field by walking behind him until he crossed the boundary line.

‘Oh God, look at that… that scares me. I just don’t want to be around it,” one of the game’s television commentators told the spectators.

‘What a view. He had never seen anything like this on a cricket ground. I think we have to wait for it to come out.

After a local wildlife rescue team was called to help, the snake was removed from the ground before play continued.

The Galle Titans and Dambulla Aura players saw the funny side of the unique situation when the legless pitch invader stopped the game (pictured)

The Lankan Premier League later shared the scenes on its twitter page

‘Hello, stranger. Where is your accreditation card? said the attached caption.

‘Even Sri Lanka’s wildlife can’t resist the action in the LPL!’

The bizarre game interruption shocked cricket fans around the world.

“He’s here just to enjoy the game,” one follower quipped, with another writing: “Occasional cat and dog entrances are normal, but when a snake makes its presence on the field, this is absolutely dangerous for everyone.”

Once play resumed, the Titans won a thriller in a super over after both sides looted 180 runs from their 20 overs.

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