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Huge positive changes in WoW

World of Warcraft is undeniably one of the most famous computer games of all time. Some say that it is rather outdated and there are many similar games with more interesting gameplay, but statistics shows that it is still in the list of the most popular MMORPGs.

Warcraft is a game where every user controls his character while interacting with other players online. The action takes place in a fictional universe. The player can fight with others, complete tasks from NPCs, and participate in the passage of dungeons. He can improve his character’s stats, upgrade equipment, and unlock new missions. The main in-game currency is gold, which players can mine themselves or buy at a lower price through game boosting services https://skycoach.gg/wow-boost/gold. In the second case the player selects his region and server on site, specifies the faction and makes an order. There are two factions in the game – the Alliance and the Horde.

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Blizzard (the developer of the game) announced many changes during this year. Some of these announcements are very controversial and cause criticism among the players. Others find changes very attractive and support them with enthusiasm.

  1. Conditional truce between The Alliance and the Horde

They were enemies for almost 18 years. And now they can participate in rating battles and go to raids together. However, there is no complete truce between them. Players will be able to invite members of another faction to their company. Blizzard emphasized that the leader of the group can prohibit such invites. Both factions are still hostile to each other in the open world. However, they will become allies  in dungeons and rated battlegrounds. Raids and arenas are also possible to be entered by inter-factional companies. Mixed squads will not be able to participate only in some battles (for example “The Trial of the Crusader” or “Icecrown Citadel”) and in a randomly created group. Inter-faction groups meet on a voluntary basis.

Game studio believes that it will have a positive effect on the identity of each faction. After all, now any player will be able to choose their favorite faction, regardless of which one their friends play, for example.

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 2. Dragonflight – a new addition

Along with the approach, a new location becomes apparent. It consists of five zones. A new race (the Drachhyr) is added to the universe. It will have its own unique class.  Now all players will have an ability to increase the potential of their characters to 70 level.

Any player can also get his own dragon. It will also be possible to customize it. Players will have the ability to travel on a dragon with enhanced flight mechanics. MMO authors promised to redesign the interface, professions and talents.

There will be extensive changes to the talent trees. And although the development work is still not over, the company announced all the changes in order to get feedback from its users. Players’ influence on their characters will increase due to these adjustments.

There will be two talent trees:

– the Class tree – there will be basic abilities. They will be available to everyone, regardless of specialization. Additional abilities also will be located on it.

– the Specialization tree. Each player has his main role and its effectiveness will be increased precisely by the bonuses of the specialization tree. Players will adjust the strategy by gaining bonuses that they have chosen. So they will not have to give up auxiliary abilities.

Previously, the player received some skills automatically when they moved to the next level. Now these skills will be located on the branches of the talent trees. Some abilities are used by the vast majority of players, so such abilities will be located near the top of the tree (or on a branch where skills can be obtained without much effort).

The tree system itself clearly shows all the development options. Any user will have the initiative to decide for himself what abilities are the most important to him. Some talents will be automatically unlocked after 10 levels, as well as some “non-combat” skills and skills for the whole group.

  1. “Social contract”

Many players have already compared this to the user agreement. This update came out on June 1. If the player does not sign the contract, he will not be able to enter the game.

The main purpose of the agreement is to introduce a ban on the manifestation of aggression. The user is warned that disrespectful treatment of other players is unacceptable. The punishment for violating the agreement may become a perpetual account ban.

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Agreement requests players to communicate politely, interact in every possible way with each other, help new players and support them with advice.

This innovation is intended to reduce the level of toxicity among players. The company strictly condemns any manifestations of hatred, spamming, harassment of other players.

In general, the agreement does not say anything new, because all these rules are established in the terms of service. Blizzard just reminds players that there are usual people behind the avatars of the heroes of Azeroth. All these people want to feel safe in the virtual world. After all, they all play Warcraft in order to relax and have fun. Therefore, there is no need to waste time on clarifying the relationship and heated debate.

  1. Free month for inactive players

WoW gamers began to receive letters from the company with special offer. It is said that inactive players can get a free trial period for 30 days. The main condition is that the user should not have a subscription as of May 31, 2022, or later.

The service will not be available for players with bad account reputations (who were suspected in abusive behavior) or banned accounts. Each player will have only one chance to give five other players the Free Month of Play service. At the same time, the sender himself will also receive a gift – he will be able to change his faction for free.

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