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Huawei Tests “FusionCharge” Piles


Huawei has actually developed and is now running a turbo charging station for electrical automobiles at its base in Shenzhen, according to Chinese blog writer “Electric Planet Xiaoxin” on March 21. The blog writer likewise discussed that there were 8 stacks at the station and are presently being utilized for internal screening.

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(Source: Chinese blog writer “Electric Planet Xiaoxin”)

The blog writer likewise launched images of the stacks which seem Huawei’s 600kW turbo charging stacks. The images revealed that the charging stacks are the very same red color as Huawei’s brand name logo design, and each is created in one stack for one charge. There seems a heat radiation gadget at the bottom of the stacks.

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According to the nameplate details of the charging stacks, its producer is Huawei Digital Power, determines 295 mm × 340 mm × 1700 mm, with an item design of DT600L1-CNA1. The design follows the FusionCharge DC terminal divulged on Huawei’s main site. According to the business’s main site, the terminal embraces liquid-cooled heat radiation with an output voltage variety in between 200V and 1000V, while the optimal output current is 600A and optimal output power is 600kW.

According to a report by STAR Market Daily, the charging power of 600kW ways “600-degree electrical energy can be charged in one hour”. It takes just 10 minutes to charge 100 degrees, and the charging performance is considerably enhanced. In regard to the AITO M5’s battery capability, if it might be kept at 600kW all the time, the M5 electrical vehicle can be totally charged in less than 10 minutes.

On the other hand, the basic power of turbo charging stacks in the marketplace is still around 300kW, and the peak power of Tesla’s V3 turbo charging stacks is just 250kW. Utilizing Tesla’s gadget, an automobile can charge for 15 minutes and has a variety of 250 km. The peak power of the Porsche 800V high voltage turbo charging stacks likewise tops 270kW, and it takes just 30 minutes to charge an automobile from 5% to 80%.

Tesla’s V4 turbo charging stacks with an optimal power of 600kW was taken into usage in Holland in March. In China, domestic brand names such as Teld and GAC Aion have actually introduced charging stacks with an optimal output power of 600kW. Amongst them, 10 XFC (severe Fast Charging) turbo charging stations collectively developed by Greater Bay Technology and Teld were formally introduced in Guangzhou in May 2022. The optimal output power of its overcharge terminal is 600KW, and embraces the “gas station-like” mode, which can accomplish a variety of over 300km after charging for 5 minutes.

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