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Huawei AI unveiled amidst the ChatGPT trend


Chinese technology firm Huawei announced a new version of its artificial intelligence model for cloud computing services. Pangu Model 3.0 meets the needs of various problems in operations, software engineering, and product research and development. Consequently, the company was able to keep up with the rise of ChatGPT despite US restrictions.

Most people see generative AI as a way to create text, images, videos, and other media. However, Huawei shows that this technology has a wider range of applications. Artificial intelligence can improve more important products and services, benefiting more people around the world.

Huawei is arguably one of the largest global companies, so chances are you’ll be seeing their systems in your country soon. This article will delve into the new Huawei AI technology and cover its other projects.

What are the novelties of the new Huawei AI?

Huawei is a well-known manufacturer of affordable smartphones and other devices around the world. Consequently, it adapts to the latest technological trends as soon as possible.

Huawei Cloud, the company’s cloud computing solutions department, recognizes the growing AI trend brought about by ChatGPT. Therefore, he developed a new version of his AI program called Pangu Model 3.0.

Nikkei Asia says it is for business purposes like product R&D, software engineering, and operations. Huawei unveiled the model at its three-day software developer conference in Dongguan.

The technology firm said it will expand its AI cloud services to new sectors such as manufacturing, finance and government. Zhang Ping’an, CEO of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Cloud Computing Technologies, explained the design of the system.

Ping’an said the company did not have access to the same graphics processing units and software that competitors use for powerful AI applications. He did not explain why Huawei does not have access.

Nikkei Asia his comments apparently refer to US restrictions on Huawei’s access to US semiconductor chips and software. American chipmaker NVIDIA offers the GPUs behind ChatGPT and other revolutionary AI products and services.

Zhang stated, “Our AI platform can offer a strong infrastructure as its computing power can reach 1.1 times that of conventional GPUs. If you can’t afford conventional GPUs, now you can use Huawei’s Ascend-powered AI cloud services, which will free you from the pain of high-priced GPUs.”

Huawei introduced the Model Pangu in 2021, looking for new ways to grow against the US government crackdown that hampered its flagship smartphone business. Currently, it has more than 1,000 AI-related projects for meteorology, railways, mining and other industries.

Huawei Cloud operates three large-scale AI computing centers in the Chinese regions of Fujian, Hubei and Inner Mongolia. Furthermore, these centers can train large AI models.

What are Huawei’s other AI projects?

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Huawei applied artificial intelligence to its phones with Huawei AI Life. He official website says it “helps you manage all your smart devices in one convenient, easy-to-use app.”

In other words, AI Life works like Alexa because it allows you to control devices remotely. For example, it allows you to adjust the volume and apply sound effects to the speakers of your Huawei.

The app allows you to adjust noise cancellation and track the location of your headphones. Amazingly, the mobile program helps you choose which earphone tips fit your ears.

The Chinese tech giant has also been innovating with smartwatches. For example, it launched the Huawei Watch 4, the world’s first blood sugar testing smartwatch.

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Unlike conventional sugar level tests, this device does not require a drop of blood. Instead, it uses the ECG pulse wave and heart rate monitoring to measure blood sugar levels.

More importantly, it shows your health risk level and suggests ways to reduce it. As a result, it is ideal for people who suffer from diabetes or who keep fit.

This digital watch uses artificial intelligence to help runners. Your AI race coach and skill rating guide beginners to start a routine and help experts improve theirs.


Huawei announced a new artificial intelligence system that will improve business around the world. It will facilitate various sectors such as software engineering, research and development.

Huawei AI is not the only one exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence. For example, Amazon invested $100 in a generative AI center to offer corporate AI solutions.

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