<pre><pre>HP now makes partially wooden laptops

After a successful leather experiment, HP is taking its natural material vibe to the next level with the new Envy Wood series. No, they are not really cut from redwood trees by artisan lumberjacks, but they come with a "unique wood inlay" on the palm rest.


HP puts out the Envy 13, Envy 17, Envy x360 13 and Envy x360 15 in the new woody version, which is available in "Nightfall Black with Natural Walnut", "Ceramic White with White Birch," and "Natural Silver with Pale Birch. "

Here is the Envy 13 in Nightfall Black with natural walnut:

Here is the Envy 17 in Natural Silver with Pale Birch (and rocking a disk drive – representing):

And here is the Envy x360 13 in ceramic white with white birch:

HP says the wood grain patterns can vary between individual laptops, as you would expect and expect.

Wood aside, these are almost the same machines as their all-metal predecessors, only now with options for unspecified "next-generation" Intel Core processors and 2nd generation AMD Ryzen chips with Vega graphics.


The Envy Wood series will be available this fall, just in time for the fall leaves. The prices will be announced closer to the release. The edge could not independently confirm that next year's HP laptops are entirely made up of beetle chitin.