How To Write Essay In 2 Hours: An Ultimate Guide

Every student dreads having to write an essay. It is the most tedious task out of all the academic ones. The only thing that can make it worse is a fast-approaching deadline. If the stress of studies, social life, and managing classes, then a few hours deadline is sure to worry every student.

It is usual for students to panic with a two-hour deadline. Most students take days to write the perfect essay, so having to write it in 120 minutes is just too much. At this point, you will need an essay written within an hour or two hours, and paper writing services are your knights in shining armor.  These services are made to help students stay on top of academic assignments like this. Although you may choose to compose the paper you buy, you may spend most of the time worrying about how to do it instead of writing it. To avoid such a dilemma, the ultimate guide for how to write an essay quickly is as follows:

Schedule Your Time

The first problem is how to use the limited time you have efficiently. Many students will haphazardly start writing to save time, and this would be their mistake. It will waste time as they would need to stop continuously to figure out what to write next. Instead of this, it would be better to allocate 5 minutes of your time to take a deep breath and schedule your activities. Writing an essay fast at the end of the day is just a task, and you need to break it down into manageable activities. An example of a schedule is;

  • Make a schedule – 5 minutes.
  • Set up – 10 minutes
  • Topic identification and outline – 10 minutes
  • Research and making notes – 15 minutes
  • Writing the first draft – 25 minutes
  • Editing – 10 minutes
  • Final proofreading and formatting – 10 minutes

With the schedule, you have ample time for each activity and more than 30 minutes to spare. The additional time will help you stay relaxed, knowing that you can use 5 to 10 more minutes. Furthermore, completing each goal will motivate you to work harder. Before you begin writing, you need to have the proper setup to work as well. Constant distractions will waste your time and affect the quality of the paper. It is best to find a quiet place like a library or in your room. Keep a water bottle and snack with you, so you will not have to get up for it.

Identify the Topic of Your Essay

A common mistake students make is not understanding what the topic is. In a typical scenario, you will have time to go back and edit your document. Nevertheless, if you have to write an essay in 2 hours, you do not have this luxury. You must take a few minutes to read and reread what the assignment is and what is being asked.

If the topic has not been assigned, then you can choose what you want to write about. It is best to choose a topic you are knowledgeable about as it requires less research time. A new topic requires time for understanding before you begin writing it.

If you have been assigned the topic, then you have the liberty to decide what type of essay to want to write. You can write an expository paper explaining it or a critical essay with your analysis of the topic. If it is a history assignment, then you get to decide what part of history you want to write about and how.

Outline Your Ideas

You can take anywhere from five to ten minutes to create an outline, which will serve as an outer boundary for your document. You can write, use it as a reference and revise it during research. The outline creates a natural flow of information when you need to craft an essay quickly. As you will not have much time to proofread it several times, an outline will prevent unnecessary repetition of ideas, facts, and statements.

In case you do not know how to create an outline, an example of an outline for a history paper about World war two is as follows;

  • Introduction,
    1. Events that led up to the start of the war,
    2. Background of Hitler,
  • Body Paragraphs,
    1. Germany invades Poland,
    2. Axis alliance and the allied forces emerge,
    3. Attack on pearl harbor and USA nukes Japan,
  • Conclusion
    1. Consequences of the war after it ended.

Research First

The best trick to write a paper fast is to research before you start. If you start writing, you will have to take multiple breaks to research topics and edit the document. Researching first will have all the information available to you in your neat notes, and you can write them without taking multiple breaks.

It is best to note down important points and their sources next to the outline headings during your research. This will help organize all the information where it is relevant, and you will not have to sift through your notes to find relevant points later.

Write Down the Body

After all the preparatory steps are done, you begin writing the first draft. It is advised to start with the body paragraphs. A typical essay will have three paragraphs, each featuring its theme. The content will vary depending on the topic and type of assignment.

If it is a history essay, then you can write down the events and their consequences in each paragraph. Although, be careful to write it in chronological order. If it is an expository paper, each paragraph should focus on one aspect of the topic and its description.

After the body, write the introduction. It is the summary of the essay, so it is better to write it after the body is written.

Create a Conclusion

The last writing step is the conclusion. The conclusion should be concise and not more than 60 to 70 words. It is best to avoid introducing new ideas in conclusion but instead use it as an ending.

Proofread and Editing

No academic document is complete without proofreading and formatting. Proofreading will help detect grammar and spelling errors. Furthermore, formatting a document is very important as it carries weightage for the grade. Finally, do not forget to add references and citations where needed.


Essay writing is a challenge for most students, add a 120-minute deadline, and every student feels the pressure. Many students will crumble under the pressure of writing a two-hour deadline looming over their heads. We hope that with a schedule and these tips, you can write a great essay.

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