How to Write an Assignment in a Hurry: Essay Writing

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Part of being at university means that at some point, you are going to have to buckle down and get yourself organized. Riding on the edge of the storm just is not going to cut it, saying that: it is inevitable that you are going to come up against the last-minute paper from time to time. 

Fortunately for you, there is a formula to help! Here are some tips by the best essay writing service for writing an “almost” perfect paper.

Play to Your Strengths

Play to your strengths and write about a topic that you are already familiar with, this is not the time to be going rogue and looking into a completely new topic, you have a tight deadline! Familiarity will help with your flow of writing, it will also be far easier to garner research and will let you save a lot of time!


Outline the major arguments and themes first! This will give you some clarity and direction, by outlining the major authors and their theories; you will be better equipped to explore the inadequacies and limitations of the authors without much in the way of having to spend hours upon hours researching all of the various areas. Once you have outlined these theories, use Google Books to explore some of the limitations, simply, by using the model or theory and using the search query and including the term “limitations” or “arguments”.

Strong Introduction

Focus on a strong and engaging introduction, of course, this should always be the case, but a strong into will help you focus your mind on the task at hand. Your into really does not require much in the way of any committed research so this should help you get into the frame of mind for writing. It will also help you to get into the mood for writing a compelling piece. This will help you set the tone and you should be able to plan and map out the course of the paper more easily with a strong into. This all comes down to working faster, not harder.

Use Essay Writing Help Service

To follow on from one of the previous points – use technology to your advantage. Use everything available to you, and use it to your advantage. When searching for essay writing help service, use key terms and phrases when you find something relevant, use the Ctrl + F function, and do an on-page search. It is all about speed here; don’t read anything that you don’t have to.

Again, use the tools available to you. There are referencing software packages available – some free, others, not. Citation software often takes the pain out of referencing and will list all of your citations in whichever way you have requested it. Normally it is simply a case of entering the information within a predefined field and it will do the rest. Make sure that you are using the correct format for referencing! This method can equate to a considerable reduction in the time taken up by needless manual formatting.


The one thing that you should take from this article is positivity, you need to remain calm focused, and positive. These are simple pointers to help you reduce a bit of time. Good luck!