How to watch Netflix’s big Tudum event today

Netflix kicks off a major fan event today. Tudum — named after the ubiquitous gong that plays before Netflix titles — is a global event that features a huge amount of news, trailers, celebrity appearances, and more. It’s essentially the Lollapalooza of Netflix news, and anyone hoping to stay ahead of the streamer’s biggest upcoming announcements will definitely want to tune in.

What is Tudum?

Tudum is a global mega event – the first of its kind for Netflix. It kicks off Saturday and will feature over 145 celebrities, 70-plus series and 28 movies over several hours. Expect exclusive clips and news for upcoming titles like Strange things, the sandman, tiger king, Cobra Kai, The Witcher, Red notification starring Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, and more.

Tudum will be available in 29 languages.

What time is Tudum?

The event kicks off at 9am PT (or 12pm ET for our East Coast readers). The main event will run for three hours, but Netflix will also host pre-shows for Korean and Indian movies and series, as well as anime programming starting at 5AM PT (or 8AM ET).

Where can I watch Tudum?

Great question! Netflix will stream Tudum on his YouTube channels worldwide, as well as on Facebook, twitch, and Twitter.

Is there a Tudum schedule?

There is! Check out Netflix’s handy fan guide below for an hour-by-hour breakdown of which shows are recorded in which time slots.

Image: Netflix