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How to Use Kodi 17 Builds for Digital Content Access?

Kodi is a very popular household name now for the online content streamers from across the globe. Most of the millennials and even the older generation now prefer to watch movies, video series, sporting actions everything online. Even education has also now become mostly online. All these make Kodi a highly acceptable media streaming application for all. Many out there may not know that Kodi is the old XBMC media center. Now the latest Kodi 17 has come out, which is also known as “Krypton.” The older Kodi versions were:

  • Kodi v16 Jarvis
  • Kodi v15 Isengard etc.

Kodi 17 Builds installation

For the Kodi users, it is easy to install the Kodi 17 builds, which is more or less the same as Kodi 16 builds. In fact, in terms of interface and usability, Kodi 12 has some changes, especially the skin. Let us explore some such things.

  • On Kodi 17, you can see that the new “Settings” menu is changed to an easily recognizable “gear” icon.
  • The file manager is moved to below the gear icon.
  • Each time when you try to install an add-on from a third-party Source, Kodi 17 will warn you.

Before exploring Kodi 17 installation, let us overview some top options in VPN for the dark web.

Dark web VPNs

As you know, using the dark web is not so safe for everyday users, which demands optimum security and privacy. For which, you must use an excellent VPN to get connected through browsers like Tor and ensure a secure browsing experience. Here, let us explore a few good options in dark web VPNs.


As in the case of many other online content accesses, ExpressVPN plays the most secure and comfortable role in case of accessing dark web too. Express VPN can be one of your most reliable VPN choices for various purposes by offering robust encryption and optimum military-grade protection. 


If we can rank Express VPN as one, one can say that NordVPN is the immediate next top VPN with a longstanding history of success and acceptance. The provider guarantees a zero-log policy, and it also features a vast server network located across the globe.

Installing Kodi 17 Builds

  • First, go to Kodi 17 home screen
  • Click the “settings” / gear icon
  • Access ‘File Manager’ and choose the option under it of ‘Add Source’
  • Click the “NONE” button and key in URL as http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  • Enter name and click OK
  • Next press the ‘Back’ button or ‘Esc’ button
  • Access add-ons from the home screen
  • Choose the Add-Ons and install it from the ZIP file.
  • Map to the source name and choose the ‘begin here’ option.

Some top Kodi 17 Builds to choose are No Limits Magic Build, Config Wizard, Tomb Raider Build, Schism Build Hard Nox, etc. For the users of Kodi 16 and other versions, it may be difficult initially to understand the new Kodi 17 skin and feature changes. Still, once on using it, you will be able to understand its functionality easily. Kodi 17 comes with many add-on features, and you can find plenty of compatible Kodi add-ons for this version to extend your horizons of online media streaming.