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How to use curtain fabric in kitchens and bathrooms for a fancy finish


A beautiful backdrop – using a full length curtain from East London Cloth

The latest fashion with drapery fabrics involves anything but window dressing.

Think under-sink skirting in kitchens and bathrooms, pretty curtains and valances for the bed, and even room dividers.

These are just a few ways to spice up the look.


Although we often associate elegant fabrics with soft furnishings like cushions or window treatments, there are plenty of possibilities to use them in more creative ways.

In pantries, utility rooms and boot rooms, undercounter fabric skirting is an excellent and affordable alternative to recessed door fronts, often softening the look of joinery and adding a pop of color.

If you’re handy, simply thread some coffee shades through a tension rod.

Brass rods are a smart alternative and also work great for kitchen islands.


Consider the curtains as bed curtains, whether you prefer a full canopy look or a minimalist half bed, with a canopy that just covers the headboard.

“We often use curtains in children’s rooms,” says interior designer Lara Clarke (laraclarkeinteriors.com). ‘We’ll dress up a corner of the bed with them or add a fixed pole to the ceiling with a ruffled curtain to create a ‘safari’ style tent.

They can also be added to bunk beds and fastened with zip ties or fabric hooks. I like fabrics from Titley & Marr (titleand marr.co.uk) and Jessica Osborne (jessica osborne.com) for this look.’

For dramatic appeal, consider suspending fabrics from all four walls of a room, rather than wallpaper.

“This is what designer Timothy Corrigan did in his Paris apartment,” says interior designer Roby Baldan (robyaldaninteriors.com).

“In addition to being luxurious and cozy, it hides open closets, hanging spaces, not-so-pretty storage areas, and ugly doors.”


Ruched fabric is also a great way to add softly fuzzy definition to the edge of shelving, an option that works well in jewel-like spaces like pantries, laundry rooms, and closets.

Skirts like these, whether short for trim or long for under the counters, can be incredibly fun. Use them around a bathroom pedestal to dress up the base and add some color to the room, tying them up with the fabric of a roman blind.

Or skirt a vintage dresser and use the same fabric to upholster a stool. That ’80s trick of draping a favorite fabric over an unprepossessing round table is also back in style: To keep the look current, contrast the softness of the fabric with angular shapes on top, like an Anglepoise table lamp finished in the corresponding colour.

“Use a header style with inverted folds to further add a contemporary feel,” says Lara Clarke.


Lampshades also look great when given a full fabric treatment, like the selection of block print or embroidery options designed by Alice Palmer (alicepalmer.co).

Add Curb Appeal – Lampshades also look great when given the full fabric treatment

Add Curb Appeal – Lampshades also look great when given the full fabric treatment

“They’re a brilliant way to add the appeal of pattern and color without the commitment of a traditional window shade, which can sometimes overwhelm a scheme,” he says.

Her drapes, pleated or “ruffled” with bold stripes, embroidered artichokes and lemons, botanical prints and ikats, add a playful note, whether elegantly framing a bathroom window or suspended from a twisted cord above a kitchen counter. . The designer also favors old-school bed valances—try them with piped stripes for timeless appeal.


Of course, the windows still deserve the drapery treatment, but try to go against the grain. The windows in the living room are beautifully dressed with half-height linen drapes, offering privacy and letting in plenty of light. Interior windows also benefit from this approach.

Try bespoke options at East London Cloth (east londoncloth.co.uk). Adding fabric to the inside of glass-front cabinet doors can also be visually pleasing.

“A pleated finish gives a more traditional look, perfect for country settings, or the fabric can be ironed between two thin glass panels for a more contemporary impact,” suggests Lara Clarke.

The use of curtains as a door decoration creates coziness. “Try these in place of a door to delimit space in large rooms,” suggests Roby Baldan. “They add texture, softness and intimacy, whether closed or pulled back to the side.”

The fabric is also very well used as additional insulation at the front door. Use a floor-length shade mounted on a curtain rod, which is hinged so the shade lifts slightly off the ground when the door is opened.

All beautiful and practical ideas at the same time: without a doubt they deserve a touch of the curtain.

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