How To Use Colours To Uplift Your Sales?

Human psychology plays a remarkable role in how we perceive and interpret certain things and act accordingly. Colour Psychology is how humans act in response to certain colours. 

Whether it be a food franchise or a clothing brand, colours serve a major purpose of captivating customers in the business world improving sales. 

 Moreover, colours can evoke emotions in people ranging from tranquillity to excitement.

Colours and mood have a causative effect on each other. Certain colours can affect your mood while certain moods compel people to go for different colours.

Applying this in the marketing world has increased the conversion by a whole lot. 

Let’s dive into some colours known to boost sales:

  • Red Makes You All Excited

Mcdonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Netflix, Coca Cola, and a lot more brands have their LOGOs in the colour red. Ever wonder why? Red colour, known as the most intense colour, is associated with passion, excitement, appetite, and desire. It is a stimulating and vibrant colour and can easily encourage your audience into doing what you want. 

According to various case studies, red ‘buy now’ buttons have been shown to improve conversion rates by a good margin. 

Incorporating red in your web design can make the audience feel passion and excitement and compels them to buy a certain product. Red is great to use for CTA buttons or sale icons in websites in contrast with other colours. 

On the contrary, red is also an indicator of danger and so should be used cautiously when it comes to web design. 

  • Green For the Environment

Whenever we think of the colour green, the environment comes to our mind. Green is the colour of nature, growth, and wealth. If you are promoting a business in the health or fitness area, green is your to-go colour. 

Make sure to use green for your home page banner or you can use green for your CTA and buy buttons as green has a good conversion rate in that regard. 

Green also tells the user about you being environmentally friendly and can so give your audience a feeling of care and target nature enthusiasts. 

  • Blue- The Favourite of All

This widely adored colour is the colour of calmness, peace, and tranquillity. Incorporating blue in your web design can make your customer feel all of these and encourage them to surf your website and buy your product.

Blue also gives people a feeling of trust and reliability making it one of the best colours to use in your website. 

World renowned websites, like Facebook, Skype and Twitter are examples of how this colour can get you to the top.

  • Purple- The Colour of Luxury

Purple is associated with feelings of luxury, sophistication, fantasy, and royalty. It is used to inspire and encourage creativity. 

If you have a brand that mainly targets women, then purple should be your go-to colour. Purple can be used with other colours like cream or brown to give a luxurious and royal feel. 

  •  Be Bold Like Orange

A combination of red and yellow, orange, signifies warmth, comfort, and passion. It is also associated with enthusiasm and fun and so can be a good choice to use in kid-themed websites. 

Giving your audience orange-coloured creative elements and CTA can have a positive impact on them and encourage them to buy your products.

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