How To Use An Adjustable Base For Better Sleep

Once you’ve found the most comfortable mattress for your perfect good night’s sleep, it’s time to move on to other parts of your bedroom, including your bed frame. An adjustable base is one of the more modern, and interesting, options out there for you to be able to customize your space. 

Not only are adjustable bases a great way to get into your favorite sleep position with ease, but depending on the model you end up with, but you’re also going to find a lot of other benefits, including USB ports you can easily charge your phone or other devices beside, under-bed lighting that allows a subtle glow for those dark winter mornings, and remote controls for extra features like a built-in massage. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how an adjustable base can spruce up your bedroom and help you achieve better sleep than ever, all with minimal effort. 

Benefits Of Sleeping On An Adjustable Base

The adjustable base is a modern bed frame choice that allows you to max out on comfort every night. Most adjustable bed frames come with wireless remotes, meaning you can switch in and out of your favorite positions for sleep with ease. 

Still not sure why adjustable bed bases are worth the investment? Here are some of the top benefits of opting for this modern bed frame: 

Introduces Massages That Add Relaxation Back Into Your Night Routine 

There are few things as comforting as a massage after a long day on your feet. Most adjustable bases come with a massage option built-in as part of their function, meaning with a click of a button, you can go from resting on an ordinary bed to a massage chair.

Keeping calm before you go to bed can minimize any trouble sleeping you might experience due to stress. Massages are a great way to naturally unwind and de-stress after a hard day. When feelings of restfulness are encouraged, it becomes easier to get a good night’s sleep. 

Allows You To Form A Healthier Bed-Time Routine 

When you’re winding down for the night, most experts recommend reserving your bed for only one activity – and that’s sleep. It is annoying, however, and sometimes a little difficult, to find a separate place for wind-down activities, whether that’s to watch tv for a little while or do some bedside reading. 

Enter your adjustable base. Being able to shift your bed from lying flat to a position where you can sit upright and watch tv or even read a book with your bedside light can make a significant difference to the quality of both your bedtime, as well as your actual sleep. 

Recover From Exercise Quicker Than Before

Whether you’re a professional athlete or you just like to keep fit, you’ll know the importance of proper recovery to bringing your all into a workout. Most adjustable bases come with a function to automatically set your bed into the ‘Zero-G’ position, which references a sleep position that elevates your head and knees to minimize strain on your legs and lower back. 

Sleeping this way allows your body to recover quicker from a hard day’s workout, and ensures that you’re able to catch up on the rest you deserve in the meantime. 

Say Goodbye To Snoring Through The Night 

If you sleep with a partner, chances are their sleep habits affect yours, and vice versa. If either you or your partner has a tendency to snore through the night, then you’re unlikely to get the calm and peaceful sleep you might need. 

That’s where an adjustable base can come in and be handy – by using your remote control to adjust your head position to one that’s slightly elevated, you’re going to find it a lot easier to spend the night a little quieter than usual. 

The reason for this is actually pretty simple – snoring tends to be caused by a partially blocked airway. When you place your head at an elevated angle, you enable air to flow more freely, and minimize the vibrations that your body produces, which is what we call ‘snoring’. 

Pain Relief For Chronic Back Pain & Arthritis-Sufferers 

Over 30 million people in the United States alone suffer from back pain, and depending on how severe your symptoms, one of the most severe side-effects of this kind of pain includes trouble sleeping. 

Arthritis is another chronic condition that can often provoke inflammation and sudden stiffness in your joints, creating a lot of difficulty in finding the right position and getting some much-needed relief for a good night’s sleep. 

Adjustable bases are a great option for anyone who struggles with these kinds of chronic pain, specifically because of the relief they can bring to a good night’s sleep. The ability to set your own sleeping position allows you to leverage sleep positions of comfort so that you’re not only able to ensure you’re sleeping better, but also that you’re not doing any accidental harm to your body as well. 

Great Options For Pregnant Women & New Moms

Adjustable bases are also a great way to ensure you’re sleeping comfortably when you’re pregnant, or you’re recovering after giving birth to your baby. Not only can you set a custom position for when things get uncomfortable with your growing belly, having an adjustable base as a new mom is also especially handy.

You can use an adjustable bed base to position yourself upright when feeding your newborn, for instance, without having to get out of bed. 

When you’re trying to decide how to maximize the comfort in your sleep space, it’s important to keep your bedroom furniture in mind. Even if you have the best mattress for the job, using the right tools for support can help you go from good sleep to great sleep, very easily. This in turn is going to contribute to a better sense of wellbeing, mood, and energy through your day – an adjustable base is just the start of a sleep-setup that guarantees great rest.