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How to turn off and delete your YouTube watch history


Many app home pages have become incredibly busy, full of suggestions and ads, many based on your past searches or things you’ve read/written/watched in the past. Certainly YouTube is no exception; in fact, he is one of the worst offenders, but recently, Google video service announced that users now have a choice. If you turn off your watch history and “doesn’t have significant previous watch history”, all that confusion will go away and your home page will only show the search bar and Shorts, Subscriptions and Library buttons.

In other words, you’ll have a clean, simple, and easy-on-the-eyes YouTube page.

The change to the home feed will roll out slowly over the next few months, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for it. The process is almost identical for both the web version and the mobile version of YouTube. That is how.

You can prevent YouTube from saving your watch history with the “Disable” button.

After all the popups and warnings, you can finally turn off your YouTube watch history.

When your settings to save your YouTube memory are finally turned off, you can delete all your previous activity.

If you really want to clean up your YouTube page, you should delete that history, because otherwise you’ll still get recommendations based on everything you watched before you hit the Pause button.

If you did not take advantage of pop-up windows delete old activity link, you can still go back and delete your history.

If you didn’t delete your previous activity earlier, you can do so later on the YouTube History page.

There’s a good chance that despite all of this, you still won’t see much of a change in your recommendations. (Indeed, he kept seeing a lot of recommendations.) According to Google, the changes to YouTube will only roll out over the next few months, so it may take a while before you see a change on your YouTube home page. But at least you’ll be ready.

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