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How to treat burns: Mum says parents should know first aid after saving her son from horrific injury

An Australian mother has told how a typical Saturday morning turned into ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’ after her toddler suffered horrific burns on his right hand.

Share her story with Tiny Hearts Educationthe woman said her son was helping her make porridge when he rested his whole weight on the hob.

He yelled “uncontrollably” as the mother held his hand under cold water for 25 minutes.

Her quick thinking was praised by hospital staff and she strongly urged other parents to educate themselves about basic first aid so they know what to do in an emergency.

A mother has shared how she experienced ‘every parent’s nightmare’ after her son suffered horrific burns – but says it could have been much worse had she known first aid now

“It’s something that will haunt me forever,” said the mother.

“Kove helped me make porridge on the stove—something he helped most mornings while he was in his toddler tower.”

As she lifted the pan from the red-hot element, Kove suddenly placed his hand on the hob with his body weight leaning on it.

Kove was helping his mother make porridge when he rested his whole hand on the hob. He yelled “uncontrollable” as she ran his hand under cold water

“His hand stayed in cold water for 25 minutes and this is something I was praised for by multiple surgeons, doctors and nurses,” she said.

“In an instant my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach,” she wrote.

“That saying gets thrown around a lot, but to really feel it is something indescribable.”

The mother remembered what she had learned during Tiny Hearts Education’s first aid course and knew that she should immediately run his hand under cold water.

“Kove screamed the most heartrending, bloodcurdling scream and began to tremble uncontrollably,” she said.

“His hand stayed in cold water for 25 minutes and this is something I was praised for by multiple surgeons, doctors and nurses.”

The mother said Kove made a full recovery in just a few weeks, but the outcome could have been much worse if she hadn’t taken a first aid course or run his hand under cold water.

The mother said she hopes by sharing her story she can save another parent from the “torment” of seeing their child in pain from a burn.

“Kove made a full recovery in just a few weeks, but this could have been a terrible result if I hadn’t finished the course,” she said.

Another mother shared how her acquaintance helped when her one-year-old suffered a nasty burn after cafe staff spilled coffee on her and didn’t know first aid.

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Fortunately, she knew exactly what to do and asked the waiters to fetch cold pitchers of water to treat the burn and also warned the parents to make sure they know how to treat burns in the event of a similar emergency.

A one-year-old suffered a serious burn after cafe staff spilled coffee on her and did not know first aid

In a message to the parents’ parenting group, the mother said she was visiting a cafe when two waitresses collided and dropped a hot coffee next to her daughter who was sitting in a high chair.

The boiling coffee splashed onto the young child’s back, causing second-degree burns.

“Unfortunately, nobody in the cafe seemed to have been trained in first aid and was unable to provide me with a suitable place to treat the burn with running water,” she said.

She said the cafe staff didn’t know what to do with the burn, so the quick-thinking mom asked for cold pitchers of water and called triple zero.

“When I realized the staff couldn’t help, I called 000, who suggested I ask the staff to run pitchers of cold water over her while I waited for the ambulance to arrive.”

The mother, who was herself trained in first aid, was grateful when paramedics were nearby and used an IV to treat the toddler’s burn.

“I was quite shocked to find myself in a position where I felt like I couldn’t treat/help my daughter, despite knowing what to do because I was first aid trained myself,” she said.

“I often see cafe staff handing out hot drinks to young children or leaving them within reach.”

Burns 101: What To Do If Your Child Has A Burn?

1. Remove any clothing or jewelry near the burn: The first thing you need to do is take off any clothing, jewelry, or diapers around the burn unless it sticks to the skin. After that, you need to leave the burn in place and cool over it.

2. Cool down the burn: Hold the burnt area of ​​the child under cool running tap water for 20 minutes. We must remember, we only cool the area that has been burned – keep the rest of your child warm. If you don’t have cool running water available right away, it can be effective for up to three hours after the burn.

3. Cover the Burn: The next thing to do is cover the burn loosely with a clean, wet cloth or towel or non-stick coating, preferably something that doesn’t shed fibers.

4. Do not use lotions, creams or home remedies: Do not apply lotions, creams, butters, egg whites or home remedies as that can not only trap the heat on the skin but the doctors cannot effectively treat the burn and it must be removed from the burn.

5. Seek Medical Help: Call an ambulance if the burn is extensive, if your child has burns to the face, neck or chest, if you cannot safely transport them to hospital because of the burn, if they are in extreme pain or if there is a risk of burns exists in their airways. Or even if you are not sure and don’t know what to do. Any burn in a child where the skin is damaged, i.e. where the skin has come loose or where there are blisters, should be looked at medically.

Source: Sarah Hunstead – CPR Kids

She said she wanted to share her “terrible experience” with other parents so they could educate themselves on what to do in these emergencies.

The woman said the burn could have been much more serious if she hadn’t taken Tiny Heart’s first aid training or called triple zero.

Former paramedic and founder of Tiny Hearts Education Nikki Jurcutz reminded parents that first aid training is a “must have” and that other people cannot be relied upon to know what to do in an emergency.

“Sometimes there’s no one else. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to help your child when they need it most,” she wrote on Instagram.


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