How to Train for a Marathon

Running 26.2 miles sounds daunting and crazy, but it’s not. Not everyone can do it, of course, simply because it requires a different approach to training than your regular jog does. But, probably the essential thing that is often overlooked is the fact that running a marathon is as much about training your mental fitness as about training your physical fitness. Here are some crucial steps you need to take if you embark on the marathon journey.

Proper gear can take you a long way

If you are going to run for 4 hours, you need to make sure that your running outfit is going to enable you to do it with as much comfort as possible. Investing in proper marathon shoes is the first step towards finishing that race. If you want to find the best quality running gear, you can find more info here. Do not forget to have all the necessities you might need for that day, depending on the weather. When it comes to shoes, you must run in the shoes that you have tested and used before. Never run in new shoes, because they will be uncomfortable because they did not have time to change their shape according to your feet, but also, you might choose the ones that are not the best for you.

Choose a plan

Training for a marathon is different than your regular runs at the park. It requires determination and a program made by a professional. But also, it takes time. No matter if you are a first-time runner or a regular jogger, you will need a plan. It is important to be honest about your running fitness because you do not wish to risk an injury or give up on your training. Also, you may think that you have to run every day, but this is far from the truth and discourage because rest days are essential. Your body needs time to heal and relax. Also, if you can invest in weekly or month massage, you might be surprised at how beneficial they are for your muscles. Preparing for a marathon, if you are a complete beginner, may even take ten months to a year. But do not think of the training as a chore; it is just a workout, like any other.

What about your diet?

Running is an activity that uses carbs and fats from your food and turns it into fuel for your workouts. Make sure to get a lot of carbs, but not too much if you are trying to lose weight. Oatmeals, potatoes, and bananas should become your staple foods. Fats are also important; if you eat a lot of nuts and seeds and avocados, and you will have enough energy. If you are going for longer runs, bring some snacks with you, this is something that you will do while running the marathon, as well. Dates are the perfect snacks for exercise. A lot of athletes eat dates during their races and matches, because they are high in natural sugars, they release energy gradually (they have a low glycemic index), and there is no spike in your blood sugar. Stay hydrated, not only during your training but throughout your day, as well.

Running a marathon is extremely hard, especially if you are not a runner, but with these couple of steps, your race might be just a bit easier. Another important thing to remember is that you need a lot of sleep. There is no better rest than having a good night’s sleep. It will not only rest your brain but your muscles, too. If you sleep enough, you will find that you feel much more energized in the morning, and your running duration and endurance will improve.