How To Throw A Fun And Entertaining Kids Birthday Party

It may be that a very special child’s birthday is looming up ahead. You’ll understandably want to celebrate the day with them, alongside all their friends. Besides giving them some wonderful presents you may be keen to organize a birthday party.

The best thing about this is that you can use your imagination to make the day extra special. There are no rules and there’s nothing to stop your creativity. If you’re looking for some inspiration, however, we’ve got plenty of ideas in this article. Read on, because you may find something fun and entertaining to do this year.

Get Some Party Equipment

This could be anything from balloons, cups, plates, plastic cutlery, napkins (kids’ versions), and a themed table cloth. The internet is a great place to find kids’ party supplies and you can often get fast shipping, low prices, and free delivery shipping offers. Specialist shops can supply you with anything from video games to lifesize cutouts, helium tanks, and candy melts.

The theme of your birthday party will partly dictate what you need. For instance, your requirements will be different for a Minecraft party than a Peppa Pig or Super Mario party. If you plan on the kids dressing up, why not get some clothes from a local charity shop? If you are going to play games, you may wish to buy some plastic bats and balls.

Organize Plenty Of Help

You need to have plenty of people who can ensure that the party runs smoothly and everyone has a good time. They could be parents, older family members, or friends, but don’t overdo the assistance in case it becomes overpowering. 

Your trusty helpers could be involved in taking the kids’ coats as they arrive and assisting with things like face painting, arts and crafts, pinatas, or other games. They can also oversee the eating part of the day. The food doesn’t necessarily need to be served to the kids – they can come and take things from the buffet as they wish. You could ask someone to bake a birthday cake or to set up the room decorations before the day begins. They could even help with the issuing of invites.

Follow A Theme

Making the birthday party fun can be easy if you follow a theme. It could be a movie or TV show. All of their favorite characters should be there in some form or another. You could ask the kids to dress up as their favorite character, and there could be prizes for the best fancy dress.

Some examples of movie themes are Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Shrek. Some TV show themes are Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Have A Pinata

A pinata is a container filled with candy and toys that is hung from a tree branch or somewhere high. The goal is for the kids to hit and break it open to get what’s inside. 

It adds another layer of excitement for your guests because they have to work together in order to get what’s inside, which also teaches them about teamwork. If you are looking for a pinata, try your local party store or online at websites like Etsy.


Organize Some Kids Games

What you choose should depend on the age of your guests. If they are four years or older this is an ideal time to play games like musical chairs or duck-duck-goose (You can also ask them about their favorite games in advance).  

Peoples’ game choices change drastically depending on whether there are boys or girls at the party. If more than one gender will be present, make sure that everyone will be engaged in the activity, and that it won’t become too physically extreme. You could go outside if it’s sunny, and this would present even more game options.

Hire Some Entertainment

Consider hiring someone if you want to really wow your child with their birthday party. Some examples are getting a magician, clown, face painting artist, or balloon artist. If you have room in your backyard, the kids could let off steam with their own bouncy castle. Alternatively, you could hold the party at a play center, where the children can also eat onsite.

These have been a few ideas but there are many more, including holding a movie night or disco or letting them create their own show or pantomime. Once everything is in place you’ll be all set to create happy memories for everyone who is present – and take some pictures too, because it will be worth it!