How to Take Care of eBike Brakes & Chains

Getting used to the maintenance needs of good electric bikes can take a little time, but it’s not because they are difficult to care for. They’re just different from regular bikes, and the tools you need to take care of them will be different. Like standard bicycles, you need to clean and maintain both their brakes and their chains. Like standard bikes, you can find the eBike-specific cleaners designed to work without being unduly harsh on the parts or your environment if you look. Set yourself up with them before starting a tune-up and remember to keep track of your supplies like de-greasing agents.

Caring for Your Bike Chain

Electric bike chains do a lot of work, so they need to be inspected and cared for on a regular schedule to operate at their best. Like standard bicycle chains, they can get dirty as they work, which is why it’s a good idea to have the right cleaner on hand when you need it. Remove the chain from the bike and clean it thoroughly before reattaching it, but remember that it does need lubrication to keep working once it’s back together. After cleaning, apply a fresh round of lubricating grease to protect everything. Be careful not to spill onto other bike parts, including the brakes, but don’t worry too much if it happens. You’ll want to clean up the mess before moving forward, but as long as you do there’s nothing to worry about.

Inspecting and Maintaining Brakes

Chances are good that any given men’s or women’s electric bicycle will use disc brakes. They’re not the only choice, but they have become something of an industry standard. To work efficiently, the contact surfaces of the pads and rotors need to be clean. Unfortunately, the placement of the moving parts in the system can make it easy for grease from the chain to wind up on the brakes. That’s why you should inspect them after chain maintenance. This also gives you the chance to check for damage to any parts and to check out the wear on your brake pads. Changing pads when they thin avoids the chances of a pad failure because they wear through, and it can help the entire braking system last longer without needing more replacement parts. Use cleaning cloths made for the job to clean the system’s parts if you see any grease or dirt on contact surfaces.

Finding Cleaners, Lubricants, and Replacement Parts

You can find the parts you need to keep your new electric bicycle in the best possible operating condition by looking at the same shops that you went to when you were picking a new mens e bike. Many OEM parts can be grabbed right from the company if your bike was a direct sale. As long as you’re looking to keep things standard and stock, that might even be the best deal available, since it puts you in touch with the people who are trained to provide you insight and feedback about the parts for the very bike you bought.