How to Stay Safe From Personal Injury During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of incredible joy for many people. This is when people get together to have fun and relax as they greet the new year. While the holidays are a time to let go of stress, they can also be a form of stress. There are many problems that might arise when people are engaging in holiday activities. From falling on the ice to getting into car accidents on the way to shop and having problems when operating appliances, this can be a hazardous time of the year. Make it less dangerous and avoid personal injury with a few simple tips.

Be Mindful of the Weather

Changing from fall to winter means a change in the kind of precipitation in many parts of the country. Early snow and ice are not uncommon. Even a light coating of ice can cause all kinds of problems. It’s been a long time since most people have coped with these conditions in person. Now is the time to review how to deal with ice and snow before the water freezes and the snow begins. That means having a look at all areas of the house. Handrails may need to be sanded down and painted again so that people can climb stairs safely. It’s also time to stock up on the things you need to help combat the worst of the weather. Keep bags of salt on hand to break up ice. Doing so makes it easier to get your mail and mail out those holiday cards.

Update Your Wardrobe

If you’re going to parties and enjoying a White Christmas, it’s easy to forget to wear the right things. You need to protect yourself from the cold. Even just a short exposure can put you at risk of a serious medical condition known as hypothermia. It’s crucial to be prepared with warm clothing that won’t get wet. Protect your hands, feet, head and heart. Layering is a good way to adjust to changing weather conditions. Hunt up that scarf, the boots and the gloves you put into storage last March. Check for any holes or other problems in the material. Now is the time to dust them off again. It’s also the time to make any repairs or buy entirely new items. Kids may need boots because their existing pair is too tight. Revamping your wardrobe will ward off injury and add to the holiday joy.

Your Car

People rely on their car to get around this time of the year. They run to the store for a few more baking ingredients. They rush off to get wrapping paper and bring the kids to holiday concerts. It’s important to have a car that is there for you. If you car’s in need of an oil change, you can do yourself or have someone do it for you. Check the tire pressure to make sure you’re not riding on tires that are too low to the ground. Clean the car. This will remove items you don’t need when you’re out shopping. It will also add additional space so you can bring those presents home. That way you don’t have to worry about reaching inside the car too far and possibly slipping in the process.

Interior Spaces

Decorating is one way to involve the entire family in your holiday planning. Your home has lots of potentially unsafe areas you need to know about as you begin. Items may be on high shelves and hard to reach. Keep a secure step ladder on hand. When making holiday treats for your family, keep to safety procedures. Pot holders help you avoid burns. A set of safety tongs can be used to reach for your special holiday fried chicken. If you’re baking with kids, watch them carefully and teach them safe kitchen procedures. Kids can bake their favorite holiday cookies in a secure space with plastic bowls and lots of safety spoons.