How to Spot If An Online Casino Is Legit Or Fake

Online casino is one of the fastest-growing industries on the internet and a common thing about every industry that is in rapid development is a big presence of frauds. Of course, the online casino is no exception and just a couple of years ago, it was quite simple to figure out if a certain casino website is fake or not.

However, this kind of fraud is constantly evolving and fraudsters are constantly figuring out new methods to hide their fake identity. A good thing to know that these things aren’t possible to hide completely, so everyone can figure out if a certain online casino is legit or fake. You just have to be a little cautious and to make sure to check a couple of things we are going to mention in the following paragraphs.

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Check Domain Name

Although this is a pretty rudimental type of fraud, we all have those moments when our concentration is on a minimum. It these cases, it’s easy to overlook a letter or two, which can lead you to a completely different place. A fake casino usually has one of two letters changed compared to some renowned house. Therefore, make sure to read twice before wagering.

Check For Licence

Every online casino needs to have a license and although it’s not always displayed in a spotlight, you shouldn’t have trouble finding it. Naturally, fake casinos don’t have such thing, while legal houses will proudly show this number, in order to keep their players in piece. This is also a great way to make some kind of classification and gradation among legal houses. Obviously, the most renowned online casinos are licensed in Europe or North America, not on some exotic island. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that such casinos are fake or offer bad service. 

Check For Payment Options

One of the easiest ways to check if some casino is fake or not is to check payment methods. Logically, a casino that tends to become a reputable name in the business will offer various kinds of paying methods, including all kinds of e-wallets. On the other side, a fake casino usually offers one or two methods. Those are payment methods where it’s extremely difficult to reverse. That mostly refers to cryptocurrencies, but banks can be included as well.  All in all, if there’s no any kind of e-walled in the offer, we are pretty sure you should avoid it. 

Check Casino’s Age

It’s not hard to find out when a certain house has started a business. In most cases, scam casinos don’t last for long. In the best case, they can hold for more than a year, but 6-12 months is typical. The story with most fake casinos goes in a similar way. The first couple of weeks are characterized by extremely aggressive advertising, then the house operates legally for some time, and in the end, it starts with criminal activities. 

Check Online Review

The best way to find out something is to get information from the first hand. Online casinos are no exception, Therefore, make sure to visit a couple of gambling forums and read experiences of other players or sites giving you advise on which casinos are legit, like Casinomartini for example. Of course, a bad intention is always possible, but if 9 our of 10 gambles have had a bad experience with a certain online casino, it’s obvious that something is wrong.  

Detailed Inspection Is The Key

If you have a decent experience with online casinos, maybe there’s no need to bother with all the things we’ve mentioned above. Sometimes, all you need to do is to take a quick tour. Graphics are the first indicator, but you can also find a hi-profile scam casino, which features an impressive layout. On the other side, you can easily spot if the website is missing some of the most essential pages, such as Terms and Conditions. If the Contact page is missing, you can be sure it’s a fake casino.