How to Set Up a Versatile Event Planning Space

From weddings to corporate conferences to high school proms, big events are a huge part of of our social lives. The events industry is booming, whether it’s for business or pleasure affairs. For individuals who work in event planning, you know and understand the importance of a great space. Without that perfect backdrop, you may not be able to create the perfect atmosphere for all your clients. If you are committed to creating a memorable experience, no matter what that may be, you need the right space.

The tricky part of event planning is making sure whatever project you take on is completely personalized and right for that specific client. You’re constantly adjusting and finding ways to be versatile and flexible. And if you’re working that hard to shape your work to the needs of your customers, you need a space that is also up for the challenge. A versatile event planning space is the key to developing a successful event planning business. Here are just a few ideas of how you can set up a versatile space that will work well for all your events.

Create a neutral aesthetic.

Design is everything. You need to come up with a plan and an aesthetic for your space that makes you stand out from the crowd. Anyone can rent out a room at the gym or community lodge, but why should they go with your space for their event? Make sure you’re using neutral colors and designs so you can adapt the space to whatever needs. You also want to have some fun, unique elements that stand out from the rest.

One great way to spruce up any space is with felt wall panels. You can design them completely to your needs to create fun and interesting backdrops and wall designs. Not only that, but these pieces can help with sound dampening and serve as creative outlets for kids. Create a backdrop that everyone will love and even take pictures in front of. You know you’ve made it when people are posting your backdrop on social media all about your venue and spreading the word that you have the best space in town.

Be prepared for anything, including catering.

A key to being versatile is truly to prepare for anything. And we mean anything. From small crowds to big crowds, sound system needs, tables and chairs, conference equipment. You name it, it could happen. One of the biggest things you need to prepare for is catering and food service.

While you may not be able to set up a full kitchen in your space, GoFoodservice can still help you get all the equipment you need for any events that involve food. From tabletop dishes and furniture to restaurant equipment and filtration systems, you can find the answer to all your needs online. Be prepared for any food needs so you can keep your customers happy and full of delicious eats.

Know how to separate the space.

Having a versatile space means changing it up every once in a while. You’ll need to invest in some kinds of dividers to separate your space effectively. Whether you need break-out rooms for a conference or a venue and reception space for a wedding, you want to be able to adjust and change your space for whatever the customer may need.

Make connections with vendors.

When you’re putting on an event, you don’t do it alone—you’ll be working with vendors one flower arrangements, food service, or tech issues. Make sure you are making strong, meaningful connections with these suppliers. Without their help and the help of a committed, flexible staff, you wouldn’t be able to change up the space, stay true to your clients, or put on memorable events