How to Set Up a Room for a Meeting

Meetings are one of the most important elements of modern, collaborative working life, where we come together to discuss issues, update each other with latest progress, and find resolutions. They are a precious opportunity for cultural, political or economic exchange and dialogue, in which it is important to create a bridge and a good harmony among participants.

Choose the Right Venue and Decorations

Due to its intense functional nature, meetings can be tiresome and boring sometimes. If the meeting room is decorated uninspiringly, it demotivates the participants even further. Whether it is a business meeting or a conference about humanitarian issues, we need to think carefully not only about the effective implementation of the meeting and about the adequate topics of debates and presentations. Since appearance and aesthetics matter, it is also important to put some thought into choosing the right conference venue, and then decorate it as inspiringly as possible, in order to create the perfect atmosphere for the meeting. As a matter of fact, the table arrangement, the use of special decorations (such as flowers, plants, flags, posters, banners) and effective tools and devices are essential aspects that need to be taken into consideration when planning a meeting.

Pick an Appropriate Style and Arrange the Interior Layout
While many international and local organizations have their own pre-set meeting rooms, it’s better to start from choosing an appropriate style for the conference room. The traditional way is the boardroom style or the u-shape style, along with the hollow square style. The auditorium style is appropriate if there are set speakers and audience, while the classroom style and the banquet style are some modern ways to mix it up. The lighting of the room also needs to be properly adapted to the purpose of the meeting as it massively affects our brain’s cognitive functions.

Check All the Necessary Equipment
Some research suggests that technological devices (such as microphones, computers, overhead projectors) in meeting rooms are one of the most expensive elements when dealing with the organization of a meeting and therefore it is fundamental to make sure that they are updated and functional. Data connection failures or projectors and microphones failures are some of the commonly seen troubles in a meeting room, which should be avoided in every possible way, because their cost can be a lot more in terms of impression and reputation. Moreover, when organising an international event, it is necessary to find the right space for interpreting booths, where interpreters must translate the content of the meeting simultaneously, in order to guarantee an effective communication among members of different states and speaking different languages.

Table Flags: the Best Decorations for International Meetings

As there is no viable replacement to using chairs and tables to organize an international meeting, make sure you decorate the table top in a unique and stimulating way. While decorating the table top, of course, you have to include stationeries like pens and notepads, flowers and refreshments, and such; depending on the type of meeting you are organizing. However, for international meetings, it is also important to identify which participant is representing which country. You could always use a coat pin or name badge, but both of these have limitations in terms of visibility across the table. Having to say which country or organization they are representing isn’t ideal either. That’s why the ideal solution is to use specially made table flags for international meetings. Table flags can be a smart, stylish, and greatly functional way to decorate a meeting room or table. As the flags are usually colourfully designed, it immediately gives a break from the mundane business furniture and can energize the participants. They are available in a variety of fabrics and with or without decorative poles, enabling you to choose your preferred ones.