How to Sell Your Home Using Felix Homes

Selling your home is always a scary proposition, especially if it is your first time selling. Traditional brokerage models can feel overbearing, focusing on the hard sell for you to work with them. Many old fashioned real estate companies run on a wait and see model where they list your home, along with thousands of others, and hope that someone will see it and contact them to buy. 


This old fashioned approach is great for the agent, but not so much for the seller. The agent makes their money by having a lot of houses, meaning that someone will eventually buy one of them, paired with a high commission rate. Traditional commission structures mean that a five hundred thousand dollar home will pay them 15 thousand dollars. An agent can sell one a month at that rate and make a comfortable living. 


This traditional model for selling can mean that your house (the one you are concerned about) can sit for months waiting on the right customer to find it. And because this model requires the agent to have a ton of listings, they spend a lot more time prospecting potential customers instead of focusing on selling the homes they have.

Felix Homes is Different

Felix Homes ( describes a different type of business model. Felix Homes uses technology driven solutions to keep commission rates at 1%, ⅓ the rate of traditional brokers. The process for selling with Felix Homes looks different as well. 


The first step to selling with Felix Homes is a meet and greet where you will get to meet your agent. With traditional brokerages, your agent seeks you out, but Felix lets the sellers come to the company, and works with the sellers to choose a professional agent that is right for them.


Once you have selected your agent, they will help you get your home ready for the sale. This may include staging or organizing advice, or recommendations for cleaning or painting to maximise your sale cost. 


Buyers now are used to having every answer at their fingertips, never more than a phone search away. Old fashioned agents will schedule a ton of showings, to people who may get inside and realize your home just isn’t a good fit. If you have ever searched a real estate website, you can guess why- most sites have a few oddly angled, poorly lit photos, taken by the agent with their cell phone, while doing a hurried walk through.


The third step for a Felix agent will cut short on these wasted showings. Since buyers now are used to operating social media, Felix uses social media ready photos, taken by professional photographers, of all the major areas and points of interest of your home. This helps to target the right buyers, who know what they are going to look at before they schedule a showing. This is substantially more effective than the old fashioned technique of driving around looking for signs or setting up showings based on a salesman-like description and a few blurry photos on the MLS. 


The final step for a Felix agent is to get your home sold! Professional Felix Homes agents will send out a regular email blast of new home listings to over 5,000 active buyers, and follow up with every interested party. Your Felix Homes agent will use traditional techniques like open houses as needed, in a focused and targeted way, to sell your home. 


In summary, if you are looking for a modern solution to the conundrum of how to sell your home, Felix homes may be the exact solution you are looking for!