How to Restore the Paint Job on Your Automobile

Ever see your car parked to another and wonder where all the shine went? Once your pride and joy, the color has faded, and you’re left wanting to shop for a new vehicle. Well, close that internet tab because you can bring your automobile back to life by restoring the paint job. Firstly, don’t think that you’re a terrible car owner just because the color has faded. This is natural, and it’s something that happens to most car owners at one time or another. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s probably because you’ve never owned a car long enough before. Especially if you don’t keep your car covered or in a garage, the UV rays from the sun will gradually fade the vehicle. Even if your paint is heavily oxidized, it’s still not too late to start the rescue mission (you’ll be surprised at the results). Here are some tips to get started! 


It might sound simple, but have you tried washing your vehicle? Often, this can bring a car back to life even when you least expect it. Even if you know the color has faded, a clean car is always a good starting point anyway. You’ll remove all dirt, debris, fingerprints, bugs, and other stains. As well as cleaning, we recommend surface contaminant products to remove paint overspray, tar, splattered bugs, tar, and airborne pollutants. Often, people don’t realize that these are all left behind after cleaning. 


In this next step, you’re going to polish to bring some life back into your vehicle. As well as using a cutting polish, it would be best if you also had a finishing polish. With the right micro-abrasive technology, you can remove the damaged paint without taking everything off. This way, you aren’t scouring the finish (you’ll need professional assistance to recover from this!). During the finishing polish, chemical cleaners should get into the pores of the paint and revitalize them. Soon enough, you’ll have your sparkling new car back again. 


Most people stop here, but it’s better to go one step further and use a paint sealant. As the name suggests, this protects your vehicle while also bringing out a deeper shine. Also, you won’t have to clean a couple of weeks later, something that’s likely when you don’t use a sealant. These days, more people are using ceramic coating, so this is another option to explore. If you want the best protective coating for cars, a ceramic coating provides the protection your vehicle needs. Rather than applying to a small section, you’ll apply this product over the whole vehicle. 

Choosing a Solution

Before you do anything with your vehicle, first assess the damage and decide on the best option to proceed. Many people get away with a clean, polished, and ceramic coating. However, the same can’t be said for everybody. In some cases, car owners fix small sections of their vehicles that have faded. With paint oxidation, you can attack small sections if the rest of the car is in a better condition. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have much luck fixing vehicles that are heavily damaged and oxidized. You’ll need to contact a professional and get their advice before either starting yourself or allowing them to restore the paint job. In serious cases, the professionals will need to apply a new coat rather than trying to recover the old one. With this, you now have some starting advice for restoring your vehicle’s paint job!