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How To Reset My Air Conditioning Unit In Simple Step

Modern air-con Brisbane systems have become more advanced and efficient, providing greater comfort and convenience to users. However, air conditioners are prone to developing faults and issues like any other appliance. Sometimes, the problem with your air conditioner can be as simple as a minor glitch that can be resolved by resetting the system. 

Resetting an air conditioner is a straightforward process that can help fix simple issues and restore your unit to optimal performance. Alfa Air & Electrical is one of the most well-recognised names in the air conditioning Brisbane space, and we can meet all your big and small air conditioning needs. 

Why does an Air Conditioner Need a Reset?

An air conditioner can develop faults and issues for several reasons, including power surges, overheating, clogged filters, or incorrect settings. When these issues occur, resetting the air conditioner can help resolve the problem and prevent the unit from shutting down or malfunctioning. Additionally, a reset can help your air conditioner operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and prolonging the unit’s lifespan.

Steps to Reset an Air Con Brisbane

Resetting an air conditioner is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset air conditioner Brisbane:

Step 1: Turn Off the Power Supply

Before resetting your air conditioner, turn off the power supply to the unit. Locate the circuit breaker that controls the power supply to your air conditioner and switch it off. This will help prevent any electrical surges or hazards during the reset process.

Step 2: Wait for a Few Minutes

After turning off the power supply, wait a few minutes before proceeding to the next step. This will give the air conditioner Brisbane enough time to reset and cool down before you turn it back on.

Step 3: Turn On the Power Supply

After a few minutes, turn on the power supply to your air conditioner. You can do this by switching on the circuit breaker that controls the power supply to the unit. Wait for a few seconds, and then turn on the air conditioner.

Step 4: Reset the Air Conditioner

Once the air conditioner is turned on, locate the reset button or switch. This is usually located on the unit’s control panel or the remote control. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until you hear beeping/ see a flashing light. Release the button, and your air conditioner will be reset to its default settings.

Know When to Seek Help from an Air Conditioner Brisbane Expert

While resetting your Residential air conditioner Brisbane can help fix minor issues; some problems may require the attention of an air conditioner expert. If you have tried resetting your air conditioner, and the unit is still not working correctly, it is time to seek help from an air conditioner Brisbane expert. Here are some signs that indicate you need to call in an expert:

  • Strange noises– If your air con is making unusual noises such as grinding, rattling, or screeching, it could be a sign of a mechanical issue that requires professional attention.
  • Leaking water- If your air conditioner leaks water, it could be a sign of a clogged drain or a refrigerant leak. It will need the attention of an air conditioner expert.
  • Weak airflow – If your air conditioner is blowing weak or warm air, it could indicate a clogged air filter or a faulty compressor. The issue requires professional attention to prevent further damage to the unit.
  • Foul odour –  If your air conditioner is emitting a foul odour, it could be a sign of mould or bacteria growth in the system. Solving this requires professional cleaning and disinfecting to prevent health hazards.

Contact The Air Conditioner Brisbane Experts

Resetting your air conditioner is an easy process that can help resolve minor issues and improve the performance of your unit. Feel free to speak with us if you need any help with it. 

Alfa Air & Electrical offers various services, including air conditioning Brisbane solutions. If you want more information about these services, don’t hesitate to contact us through this form. Call us at 07 3905 3280 and speak with our knowledgeable and professional air conditioning experts.