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How to rent Starlink internet kits


Many people around the world have been renting out their Starlink kits to earn money. Twitter user Austen Allred said: “People ‘rent’ them for $25-$30 a day. Guy has 7 of them, all fully leased. He is clearing almost $5k/mo renting Starlinks.” Look online and you might find people offering similar services in your country.

Starlink has been helping people get the most out of the Internet around the world. For example, it has provided Ukrainian civilians with satellite internet. However, Elon Musk’s company restricts the use of its online connectivity for military purposes. Does the tech innovator have similar rules for renting their internet kits?

Please read this article before turning Starlink rentals into your next online hustle. I will discuss how to rent a satellite kit correctly. Later, I will explain how people have benefited from them and why they may violate Starlink’s Terms and Conditions.

How to rent Starlink kits correctly

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Starlnk company provides a convenient way to rent your satellite internet kits. For example, PCMag reported that it charges a monthly rental fee of $18 or £15 in the UK. Follow these official instructions:

  1. Go to www.starlink.com.
  2. Then enter your address in the Service address search bar.
  3. Then click on the order now button.
  4. Wait until the website redirects you to the order page.
  5. Then select the Rent option next to Own.
  6. Enter your details and click on the Make an order button.
  7. Wait until you receive your confirmation code to enter the order confirmation page.

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Starlink rentals not approved by the company may violate your Terms and Conditions. Section 10.1 states: “You may not assign, sell, or transfer this Agreement, the software installed in the Starlink Kit, or access the Services without Starlink’s consent, as described in Section 6.5. Unauthorized transfers or assignments will be null and void.”

In addition, 10.2 states: “You may not use an agent or any other representative to purchase the Services or do business with Starlink, except where an agent or representative is (a) a household or family member, or personal caretaker, of the account holder , (b) an employee, director or officer of the account holder; or (c) any other person expressly approved by Starlink”.

Unfortunately, these instructions are only available in European countries at the time of writing. They are not available in the United States and Australia, Starlink’s largest markets.

Why do people rent their Starlink devices?

Business Insider reported this trend on August 5, 2023. The publication cited Bloomtech CEO Austen Allred’s public message X, who claims that people rent them for $25 to $30 a day.

Starlink uses satellite Internet to provide fast speeds around the world. Plus, they’re relatively convenient for travel because the kit is about the size of a small table.

Consequently, some bought kits from the internet and rented them out to vacationers and remote workers. Instead of paying $99 per month, they could pay between $25 and $30.

Allred claimed that an anonymous satellite internet user has been making $5,000 a month using this method. However, he has not confirmed that person’s net earnings at the time of writing.

Head over to Facebook Marketplace, and plenty of people try the same online hustle. In the US, Starlink rentals are the same monthly cost and charge $599 per device and $110 depending on monthly plans.

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Thomas Sands told the publication that he tried the online hustle after seeing Allred’s X message. Additionally, McKenzie Coffman realized the market potential of Starlink’s rentals after lending it to a friend.

He told Insider that he paid $600 for the hardware and $135 a month for the mobile subscription. Coffman said: “It’s the new ‘AirBnB’ of mobile internet. Nobody wants to pay $600 for equipment to use once a year.”

One facebook ad said: “Starlink is a great way to make sure you can stay connected while taking time to unplug and relax, whether it’s for emergencies, entertainment during relaxation, accessing music and movies on the go, or doing your homework. WFH so you don’t have to burn vacation days while you have your getaway!”


Starlink rentals have been trending on social media. They offer vacationers and remote workers a cheaper alternative to purchasing a satellite kit. However, following the official Starlink method is ideal.

Renting them without the permission of the company could violate the terms and conditions. However, the official method is not available in the US and Australia at the time of writing.

Numerous technology companies have been developing new wireless Internet technologies to make connectivity soon more affordable. Check out the latest digital tips and trends on Inquirer Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions about Starlink Rentals

Is Starlink available in the Philippines?

You can order a Starlink kit in the Philippines for ₱29,320 and you need to pay a monthly service fee of ₱2,700. However, the company offers kits for ₱19,999 until August 31, 2023. Also, its satellite internet service has been helping remote areas. For example, it helps the indigenous communities in the city of Koronadal to maintain their culture.

Are there Starlink rentals in the Philippines?

You can find numerous Filipinos offering Starlink rentals on Facebook Marketplace. Most charge around ₱80 to ₱100 per day, but that range can depend on a number of factors. However, these could violate the company’s terms and conditions. Please read and understand them to correctly use your kit.

Are there other satellite internet providers?

Starlink isn’t the only technology company offering satellite Internet services. For example, Astranis will bring satellite internet to two million Filipinos. In addition, other companies are developing alternative wireless Internet technologies. For example, Google Project Taara uses lasers to transmit Internet connectivity to remote areas.

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