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How to Recover Data from Crashed Computer?

Computer crash is a serious problem and results in an unpleasing experience. Before your computer crashes, you will usually end up encountering a black or blue screen, and the worst OS won’t even start. And the first concern that may hit you soon after the computer crashes is what will happen to the days and days old data? Will you be able to recover it, and if yes, how? 

Now, a computer can be crashed because of multiple reasons. But no matter the reason, there is a way to get back all the data from the crashed computer. Keep reading this post to find out the best way to recover files from crashed computer

Part 1: What Does Computer Crash Mean?

Computer crash is a term that we use when a computer fails to work or a program has unexpectedly aborted. A crash can mean a severe software bug that needs to be fixed or a hardware malfunction, meaning you will have to get the hardware fixed. As said earlier, a computer can crash for multiple reasons. And it becomes challenging for an average user to find out the reason behind it. Here are some of the common reasons for a computer crash:

  • Firstly, Windows computer has Windows registry. Now, a registry is loaded with multiple files that are critical for the operation and performance of the computer. With time, these files can get corrupted, lost, or misplaced. When these things happen, a computer crash is a common repercussion. 
  • Secondly, Windows computer doesn’t handle file organization in a disciplined way. The files are broken up into multiple pieces, and they start filling the gaps in the memory. Even these disorganized files can be the reason why your computer is crashed.
  • Thirdly, a computer can get crashed when there is a malicious software attack. A virus can attack your computer, delete some of the files, upload some apps on its own, and even crash your computer. 
  • Lastly, even the hardware can make you experience a computer crash. The computer has a fan in the CPU, and its purpose is to keep the system cool. But when the fan fails to work efficiently and wears down, it can cause problems, including computer crashes.

Part 2: How to Recover Data from Crashed Computer?

Losing data because of any reason can be quite an overwhelming experience. Knowing that your computer is the data hub, recovering them after your computer gets crashed becomes a priority. There are a few robust ways that you can try to recover files from a crashed computer. 

Solution 1: Use BIOS Utility 

Your computer may not be completely dead. It could be failing to boot because of damaged or corrupted system files, DLLs, malware infection, or software glitches. In such situations, you can use BIOS to recover your data. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Take a USB drive and plug it in the dead system. 

Step 2: Turn on your computer and use the F12 key to enter the Boot menu. After that, select the USB installation media and enter the Automatic Repair setup. 

Step 3: The Automatic Repair setup will show as failed. Therefore, you need to select the Advanced options. After that, click on the Troubleshoot option. 

Step 4: Now, hit the Advanced options followed by Command Prompt. Once the Command Prompt window opens, you need to enter the notepad.exe and hit the enter key on the keyboard. 

Step 5: When the notepad appears, you need to click on the File option and click on the Open option. 

Step 6: Now, click on This PC option and browse through the folders and files you wish to recover. 

Step 7: Finally, right-click on the file and click on the Send to option, and choose the external drive where you want to save the file. 

Solution 2: Use the Hard Drive as an External Drive to Recover Data 

If your computer is not able to start, there’s another way to recover the data, and that is using the dead PC’s hard drive as an external drive and follow the step-by-step guide that we have mentioned below:

Step 1: Remove the dead PC’s hard drive and connect it to a working computer. 

Step 2: Open Disk Management. The system may detect the Hard Drive as RAW. You will have to assign a name to it. 

Step 3: Right-click on the connected drive volume and choose Change Drive Letter & Paths. 

Step 4: Select the Add option and from the drop-down menu, choose the letter. Now, click on the OK option. 

If the working PC detects your Hard Drive as RAW, ensure not to click on the Format option because it will show this option. 

Solution 3: Use Wondershare Recoverit

Alt text- download-recoverit-on-pc-1

For the last way out, you can rely on a third-party tool to recover the data from a crashed PC. Repairit can repair more than 1000 file types from a crashed computer, hard disk, recycle bin, desktop, and external devices. If you have lost your data because of a crashed computer, you can try using Wondershare Recoverit. 

Being a professional and robust tool, using Recoverit is straightforward. The reason why thousands of people from all across the globe trust Recoverit is that it can recover files from any situation. Whether you want to recover audio, videos, photos, or files, you can get everything back. 

Key Features

  • Recoverit can recover different kinds of files from a crashed computer. 
  • It can recover multiple files at once. 
  • You can preview the files before saving them. 
  • Recoverit is easy to use and available for Mac and Windows computers. 

How to Use Wondershare Recoverit?

Step 1: Create a Bootable Drive 

Alt text- create-bootable-usb-drive-2

First, download Wondershare Recoverit on a working computer and launch it. Now, get a blank USB drive or DVD/CD and connect it to a working computer. Next, choose a drive to begin the bootable media. Now, click on the start option. 

Step 2: Use the USB/DVD/CD Drive to Boot the Crashed Computer 

Alt text- use-the-usb-drive-3

Insert the USB/DVD/CD drive and start the crashed computer. Now, enter the BIOS mode. You can customize the BIOS setting and use the drive as the primary source to boot. 

Step 3: Recover Data from the Crashed Computer 

Alt text- recover-data-5

The crashed computer will be ready to be booted. Now, choose between data recovery and hard disk copy. If you select a hard disk copy, you can copy the data from a crashed computer. If you choose Data Recovery, you can choose a disk to begin the scanning. Next, you need to connect a working hard drive to the computer that is crashed. Finally, choose a location to save the recovered data. Finally, you can preview the option to take a look at the recovered data, and it’s done. 


Now you know the different ways to recover the data from a crashed computer. However, even if there are ways to recover data, you should always create a backup for the files for unforeseen situations. Out of the three solutions, Wondershare Recoverit is the best solution to try. To sum up,click here and visit Wondershare Recoverit and use this professional data recovery tool and get back lost data. 

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