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How to Purchase Used Construction Machinery by CAT: Basic Tips


In recent years, the demand for various types of construction machinery has significantly increased. Such equipment is pretty expensive, so many companies prefer to buy used machinery because the prices for it are more democratic. The choice of used machines should be approached very responsibly to purchase equipment with a sufficient working resource. How to do that — read in the article.

Meanwhile, when inspecting used equipment, we strongly recommend paying attention to the technical condition of the engine, transmission, brakes, attachment fittings, electronics, and other details. For this purpose, CAT Comm Adapter III 538-5051 is an excellent assistant.

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American corporation Caterpillar is a global manufacturer of heavy machinery and power units. Caterpillar produces a wide range of specialized equipment for construction:

  • Bulldozer — it is an earthmoving machine created for a wide range of operations: digging and moving soil, land grading, mining;
  • Excavator — it is earthmoving equipment with a bucket created for excavation of soil, loading bulk materials, as well as mining;
  • Front loader — it is a versatile vehicle equipped with a wide bucket used for earthmoving, loading operations in warehouses and transport terminals, as well as transporting materials;
  • Dump truck — it is a versatile vehicle created for the transportation of bulk and other materials in construction, agriculture, and industry;
  • Road roller — it is a machine that is used for leveling hard surfaces, such as asphalt when building roads.

Meanwhile, there is a wide range of other heavy machinery. There are often ads for the purchase and sale of tractors, trailers, and other equipment for agriculture and construction.

What to Consider When Buying Construction Machinery?

  1. Versatility. Before buying or renting any equipment, make a clear list of tasks for which the equipment will be used. The scale of tasks is also essential because the optimal performance of equipment depends on it.
  2. Technical characteristics. First of all, the choice is made according to the productivity of the machine. This parameter is selected according to the volume and required speed of work.
  3. Market proposals. Compare the offers on the market before buying a particular machine. Pay attention not only to the cost but also to the financing programs that the seller offers, for example, an opportunity to purchase it on lease or credit.
  4. Technical condition. It determines how long the equipment will work until the next scheduled repair. All main components and assemblies must be in good condition because spare parts for them are quite expensive.
  5. Guarantees and documents. The reputation and reliability of the seller are of great importance when buying used equipment. Check the availability of all the necessary guarantees and documents before the purchase.

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