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How To Protect Evidence After A Construction Site Accident?

Protecting and collecting evidence at a construction site could be challenging for most people. It could confuse and potentially cause harm to them since many of the materials at the site are dangerous. It would be vital for you to know how to protect evidence after a construction site accident. 

The Law Offices of Gallner and Pattermann, PC could help you and other victims secure good health and fair compensation after a construction site accident. Injuries at a construction site could be fatal. One must seek medical help at the earliest after the accident. Below in this article, we have covered the necessary steps you should take to protect and collect evidence.

  • Medical support 

As we mentioned earlier, medical support after an accident has to be prioritized. It would help the victim in recovering, but it would also help the victim showcase and document those injuries to form evidence. Many victims do not know that they can use their injuries as a medium of proof. You must contact a medical professional immediately after the accident. Once done, it would be necessary to document the injuries and damages with the help of an attorney from the law offices of Gallner and Pattermann, PC.

  • Written report

A construction site accident may have occurred due to someone’s negligence. The victim would be required to prove fault by providing evidence. One of the critical pieces of evidence is a written report or a document from the victim’s employer.

The victim must take a written document from their employer stating the details about the accident. These details could include the date and time, location of the construction site, potential reasons why the accident occurred, etc. The victim can quickly obtain written documents by informing their employer about the accident. 

  • Photographic evidence 

Another way to handle evidence effectively is by collecting photographs of the accident scene. The victim can click pictures of the construction site, where the accident occurred, the instrument or the material that caused the injuries, etc. These photographs could be held valid in the court and in front of the insurance company. The victim can present these photographs to different entities with the help of a legal professional. 

  • Financial records 

Handling evidence after a construction site involves multiple factors apart from medical and legal support. Such is the case with financial records. The accident victim must keep track of financial records. These records can contain the expenses that occurred in the hospital, medicinal costs, commuting expenses, legal fees, etc., and be valid if the matter is pursued.