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How to prevent Facebook’s iOS bug from crashing Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder and other apps

Facebook’s iOS SDK is causing a number of popular iPhone apps to crash today, including Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder. You don’t even need to have the Facebook app installed to crash other apps as developers have implemented the Facebook login through their own apps. This is the second time the issue has occurred in recent months, but there is a workaround available to get the apps working again before Facebook fixes the issues.

Lockdown Apps, a firewall and privacy protection app on iOS, uses a VPN to block trackers and things like Facebook’s iOS SDK from loading in third party apps. It allows apps like Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder to launch during a Facebook iOS SDK outage and is completely free to use. Here’s how to set up the app:

  • To download Lock apps from the App Store
  • Launch Lockdown Apps and follow the on-screen tutorial
  • Click Cancel when prompted to sign in or sign in
  • Tap the ‘firewall on’ button at the top of the app
  • You must agree to set up a VPN profile on your iPhone
  • Once set up, you can switch the VPN / firewall from Lockdown Apps
  • Skip the trial version and apps now work freely

This is a good workaround for the Facebook iOS SDK problems and it should work with any app that crashes today. If you no longer need Lockdown Apps after Facebook fixes the problems, you can easily uninstall the app and also remove the VPN profile.