How To Prepare For An Earthquake?

The earthquake occurred without any warning and sign and strike suddenly and it causes really serious injury, damage, and destroy many lives. For all of us, it is very important to make an earthquake plan and these plans should be quick, simple, direct, and fast. It happens with our family members forget to make strategies for an earthquake.


In this condition, family members face high anxiety and stress levels so we should write down in very work, house so that you can immediately follow whenever it has happened. Everyone in your house, office, peers, friends, society members should properly know it and know how to used and protect yourself at any time. 


The Basic Panic on Earthquake

You and your family should be already prepared before the earthquake and should have sufficient things at least for 2 – 3 days because sometimes, you may be cut off from all the important accessories and necessaries for example food, medicine, clothes, water, and also power. So, all these things should be kept in an emergency kit. 


As we know that these earthquake emergency kits help us and save the lives of yours and others too. You can store some important things in this kit and will store mostly urgent needs and equipment until the aid or helper team arrives. There are some following steps for an earthquake emergency kit.


First Step: of all you should have enough food so that you can easily eat and survive for some days and most importantly, you should have to take a large amount of water so that you will need this water for drinking, washing, hygiene and for other purposes. You should keep a water gallon. You should store food that is durable and preventing from water loss so it’s better to use canned food, fruit juices, dried fruit because these foods are stored for a long period of time but not much so before making an emergency kit, do care of these expiry dates. You should store enough water for all of your family members.


Second Step: you should store your id cards like your passport, bank documents, identify card which is most important, and also some other informative documents. If you are somewhere else and lost your house but with the help of these documents that kept in the emergency kit helps you to find the way to our house.  


Third Step: Some clothes like a raincoat, stocking, etc. you can store in this earthquake emergency kit and also some hygiene material for example sanitary napkin, cotton, toothbrush, soap and tissues and other think to include some medicine and ointments, etc. 


Forth Step:  Not only food is necessary for life but also other things are important for surviving for example spare batteries, torches, cotton, first aid box and some personal things like for hygiene. You should have at least one fire extinguisher because this plays a vital role and make sure that this fire extinguisher is not too much older. 


Fifth Step: If you are in house, office or schools so make sure that’s you Always away from glasses, mirrors, pictures case, bookshelves, heavy furniture that can fall. But if you are open then away from trees, electric wires, telephone lines, underpasses, trucks, and factories. 


Give proper training and education to your children and other family members about how to face these earthquakes and when to call the emergency, policy, and helplines. You should keep this emergency kit in that room where you can easily garb and easily accessible and you can go outside immediately whenever an earthquake happens.