How to Prepare for a Long Journey – Tips for Moms

Meta: It is undoubtedly correct that the assertion that travelling with a toddler on a plane is hectic. This situation is even worse if you have not heard of family travel tips. But for a child’s first aeroplane ride, moms must take full precaution as anything can happen. This article discusses more on travelling a long journey with a toddler.

Yay vacation! Yay the fun! Aeroplane travel across this world has become a lifestyle for many people. Vacations and holidays present us with all sorts of people going to and from places. There is no Top-mom, even that with a toddler, who has been left out. Although travelling with one’s toddler on a plane could be hectic and unsettling, moms take that risk every other day. Moms will stop at nothing to visit their dream place or travel abroad to see relatives with their toddler. Not many moms know those many family travel tips or pointers on travelling with a toddler on a plane that one should equip themselves with before they set out on their journey.

A mom with her toddler has to prepare for two before aeroplane travel. A mom has to put everything in place for the toddler and herself. If it is clothing, a mom has to pack for the toddler and hers as well. It is a tough job, but who can do it better than our moms? Sometimes, they have to visit the pool or the beach on their vacation. By the way, are you aware that there are about 10 tampons perfectly suited for swimming for moms? Anyway, here are some aeroplane travel tips to help you prepare for your next long journey with your toddler.


  • Avoid Long Airplane Travels Especially on Your Child’s First Ride


Air travel is not the most conducive thing for all people. That mom’s toddler could have aeroplane travel sickness, or get sick from the aeroplane food while some toddlers get constipated from aeroplane travel. All these are risks that your toddler is up to on their first air travel ride. It is therefore imperative to consider the effect aeroplane travel can have on your toddler before setting out on your journey.

A long flight means that there is little room for adjustment in the event any of these risks come to pass on your toddler.

Moms are advised to consider extended layovers between plane flights as opposed to one long trip. Get some extra time off that plane and grab some better food for your toddler. If the toddler has been throwing up the entire course of your flight, you can use this layover time to rehydrate your toddler and administer some antiemetic medications.


  • Prepare a Packing Checklist for You and the Toddler


Nothing strikes a better impression than a well-organized mom. Lists for travelling toddlers are simple instruments that any mom can keep. And they serve these moms well; they help moms avoid forgetting a thing that they needed packed. After packing everything for the trip and before setting out, moms ought to crosscheck the packing to ensure that their toddler’s package and their packages are set. Having a checklist also helps a mom to safeguard everything while on air travel. Many moms tend to lose their luggage or their toddler’s luggage when alighting from a plane or connecting plane flights. So it is essential to confirm that your toddler’s package is still intact while still in between air travel destinations.


  • Choose a Comfortable Dressing for Airplane Travel


People get caught in the frenzy of travel and forget that a long journey is not like a night; you won’t get too much room to do private business. For moms, resist that deep-seated urge to clad in those stylish stiletto shoes that your hubby got you for Valentine’s Day. This is aeroplane travel, not a date. You need something more comfortable with aeroplane travel than that. Loose pants and rubber shoes are therefore advised to wear for aeroplane travel. And the same case applies to the toddler. There is no need to bother them with the colourful dress that their aunt brought them. Just go for something loose and comfortable.


  • Use Earplugs to Protect their Ears


It has now become common knowledge that aeroplane travel can cause a lot of ear pain and ear distress. This arises for the changing atmospheric pressure in the cabin. There is a need to protect the toddler from ear damage. Plastic earplugs are available in shops or can be offered by the plane crew. Ensure that you plug in a pair for your toddler and have them protected especially if it`s your child’s first aeroplane ride.


Whenever you are going on a vacation involving aeroplane travel with a toddler, there are several precautions you have to take. From the early booking of aeroplane travel tickets to the protection of the ears and combating aeroplane travel sickness, the challenges can be many. But for an organized mom, what is a problem, and who said moms couldn’t beat that?

Do you have any extra tips that could help moms in aeroplane travel with toddlers? Kindly let us know in the comments.