How To Optimize The Life of Your 2016 Ford F-150 Battery

As crucial elements of your vehicle go, the battery is one of the most important. While it isn’t one of the most expensive items, you still want to get the most out of your auto battery. You can do this with some simple steps. Make sure the battery terminals are clear of corrosion so that the connections make solid contact. This can be done with a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and water. A few longer rides in your truck allow the battery to be fully charged, and limiting the use of electronics while idling can also have an impact on battery life over time. It is a good idea to test the battery once in a while as this can alert you to problems before you get stranded. When the time comes, you should replace your battery promptly to avoid a breakdown in cold weather or on cool mornings.

What Type of Battery Should I Get for My Ford F-150

You will have a number of options for a new Ford F-150 battery. You can decide by how long you want the battery to last, how much power you would like, how much you want to spend and what manufacturer you prefer. Most Duralast batteries come with either two or three-year warranties, polypropylene casing and superior vent caps. They come in a wide variety of choices that provide valuable benefits:

  • Solid reliability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Impressive power
  • Notable longevity

Whether you are just going for a drive to the store or picking up a heavy payload, the right battery will start your truck every time and power on all of your electronics. Duralast batteries are tough and are meant to withstand a long day on the job. They hold up better to heavy vibrations than stock batteries. So if your old battery is showing signs of wear and tear and diminished power, it’s probably time to put a new energy source under the hood.

How To Replace Your Auto Battery in 5 Easy Steps

When you do find the right 2016 Ford F-150 battery, it is easy to install. You just need a few basic tools and about 15 minutes. Remember, any time you are working on your truck it is important to take safety precautions including wearing protective glasses and gloves. After your truck is turned off, here is the procedure for replacing a battery:

  1. Take the connecting terminals off the old battery
  2. Lift the battery out of its tray after removing all braces or clamps
  3. Clean the terminals of dirt, acid or corrosion
  4. Place the new battery in the holding tray
  5. Connect the negative and positive terminals to the corresponding posts

Finally, leave the hood up and go in the cab and start the ignition. The engine should turn over with a satisfying surge of power. If it does not, turn off the ignition and check the connections. Repeat this step until the engine turns over. Getting a new battery every three to five years is a part of truck ownership. To get the best deals and equipment, shop online or visit your favorite auto parts store.