How to Make YouTube Intro Videos for Increased Engagement?


If you’re a YouTuber, you’ll know that learning how to make a YouTube intro is time-consuming and sometimes tiring. However, if you use the right YT intro making software, the task becomes a lot simpler. An easy-to-use video editor allows you to create a fully custom animated video without any prior design experience.

But are there any tips to keep in mind for how to make a YouTube intro video? Is there a way to break through the competition? You can use professional templates to easily create winning videos. Yet, is there anything else you need to be careful about? 

Take a look at some of our top tips to help you create intros that are light on work and big on engagement:


  • Keep it Short and Simple.

People have a short attention span. If your video is not captivating enough in the initial few seconds, chances that viewers will feel distracted are high. Consequently, keep your intro video under 15 seconds. Higher engagement videos have a length of up to two minutes. So you can use the beginning to deliver a solid punch and follow up with the remaining brand message.


  • Capture Attention

The purpose of the intro is to engage the viewer by way of surprise or delight. Bright colours, attractive visuals, exciting patterns, and a lively pace are ideal. Sounds that capture the user’s attention and create a curiosity will make users sit up and carefully watch your video. 


  • Use Fonts Wisely

Fonts play an important role in the video. If the fonts in your video aren’t legible, the viewer will instantly lose interest. Select a font that suits your brand style. You can also upload custom fonts on most YouTube video editing software. The copy of your video must be crisp and concise. Tell your viewers who you are and what you intend to show. Viewers don’t like to read giant walls of text and can hardly concentrate on the same.


  • Explain the Purpose

Viewers are waiting for something useful when they watch your video. Make sure your intro explains how your video will entertain them. The intro must indicate what viewers can learn from the video. The first few seconds is what you have to grab the viewer’s attention. So, make the most of these seconds and motivate the viewers to watch the complete video. 


  • Highlight your Brand

Every business organization has an identity. Keep the colour theme and visual style as per your existing style guide. Your brand identity sets your brand image and communication. When viewers watch your intro, they should instantly be able to relate to your brand. 


  • Add the Right Music

Sound and music also play a crucial role in your intro videos. You can either choose a track from the editor’s music library or upload your own. Whatever you do, make sure the sound isn’t bothersome. It should appeal to the user’s ears and at the same time, reflect your brand. 


  • Use Effects and Magic

This step isn’t necessary if you’re using a template from popular video editing tools like InVideo. These editors have many special effects, transition effects, and enter/exit effects for you to play with. All you need to do is use them wisely to give your video a captivating appeal. 


  • Delete What you Don’t Need

Polished, professional videos are the preferred choice of users. Use templates and video editors to edit the parts you like and delete what you don’t need. This does not take long and ensures that your video is as per user preferences. 


  • Focus on the Format

Most templates are ready to upload to YouTube. After you’re done with editing, you can instantly upload. However, if you use software without templates, you need to pay attention to the format. You need a 16:9 aspect ratio to make your intro. 

The standard video formats that YouTube supports are MP4 and MOV. If you create a video with enormous proportions, your completed video can be around 10 to 12 hours long. 


  • Export the Video


After you are done adding your text, logo, images, music, and other essential elements, it is time to preview your video. If you think everything is perfect, export your video. 

And that’s what you need to do to make a YouTube intro video!


  • Why YouTube Intro Videos?


Intro, as the name suggests, is the opening part of your video. Generally, it introduces your brand and helps the audience understand what they are going to see. Many video intros feature the brand logo. These are known as logo animations. 

If you are planning to start uploading videos, you must know how important it is to use intros. YouTube intros are powerful, and they can make or break your channel. The intro is used again and again and, therefore, it needs to be visually appealing and highly engaging. 


  • What is a good intro?

As of 2019, YouTube had approximately two billion users watching one billion hours of video every day. The only way your video can stand out in the crowd is with an attractive, stunning, and immediately captivating intro. 

As soon as a user hits ‘Play’ on your YouTube video, your intro needs to generate interest and keep them hooked. They must desire for more. Therefore, your intro video should be a combination of interesting visuals, catchy music, and convincing messaging. 

Intro videos need to introduce your video just like you would if you were speaking live. Your intro should be fun, exciting, interesting, and appealing. Don’t make an intro that has a boring story and turns off the viewer instantly. Be smart, emotional, memorable, and snappy. 


Creating intros using complicated video editing software is both demanding and expensive. Nevertheless, there is a better way to get you through this. Online video editors like InVideo have many templates that you can use to make quick and effective YouTube intros.