How to make your summer wardrobe last all autumn

White Culottes, £ 135,; Navy blue jacket, £ 59.99, khaki shirt, £ 79.99 and cuts, £ 69.99,

Are you about to delegate your summer favorites to the back of the locker room for another year? Think again: the arrival of a new season does not have to mean a complete revision of fashion.

Some clever tricks can transform beloved pieces into sets that are suitable and stylish for the fall.

Wear pretty prints in floral maxi dresses. Combine a trusted tea dress with a Mac with belt.

Try contrasting lighter-colored garments with khaki, navy blue and camel, and add extra-large accessories in autumnal shades and heavier textures.

Finally, think about the footwear. Open-toed summer sandals and sandals can be replaced with elegant cuts and backless moccasins for an effortless transition.

Floral prints

Do not pack all your beautiful floral prints: the long-sleeved and long-line dress that you have seen during many summer evenings can also last until next season.

For now, you can combine it with court shoes in an autumnal tone, like Burgundy; Then, when the weather changes, change them by booties and add a pair of opaque black socks.

White blazer

Although often considered a summer classic, a bright white blazer is just what you need to add a touch of style to a discreet fall wardrobe.

This striking jacket combines an outfit perfectly and will work well on dresses and skirts, or jeans and a top.

Breton stripes

Synonymous with summer, the classic Breton is infinitely versatile for the colder months too.

Wear the navy blue and white stripes in a comfortable bridge shape with anything from skinny jeans and sneakers to a pencil skirt and tailored heels.

Tea dress

That ditsy summer dress in which you lived through the heat wave can work until winter, with the addition of an elegant Mac belt belt or belt.

Over-the-knee styles may seem a bit risky at this time of year, but simply add a pair of opaque tights when necessary.

White Culottes, £ 135,; Navy blue jacket, £ 59.99, khaki shirt, £ 79.99 and cuts, £ 69.99,

White Culottes, £ 135,; Navy blue jacket, £ 59.99, khaki shirt, £ 79.99 and cuts, £ 69.99,


Did you think that this style of wide leg and wide leg pants was only for summer vacations?

Do not relegate culottes to the back of the closet so fast.

Offer them an autumn enhancement by combining them with a long-sleeved shirt, an elegant blazer and elegant heels instead of sandals.

Midi skirt

A light midi skirt, ideal for warm climates, looks just as great with a large dot, which means it will be easy to wear during the winter.

Dress in high heels or combine with white sneakers for a modern touch. A bag with rope detail adds interest.


Believe it or not, the delicately embroidered peasant blouse you bought for your beach break can feature in your winter work closet.

Give it elegance with pants, loafers and a handbag, all in shades of the same color to join the look.