<pre><pre>How to make text more readable on Android, iOS and the internet

Recently I have noticed more and more moments when I look at a screen and think: & # 39; The text here is certainly difficult to read. Wonder when they made it so small? & # 39;


It's not just the need for reading glasses that could make you wish the words on your display were a bit bigger. You may be looking at a monitor from another room during a presentation. Maybe you have lost your glasses or you have just realized that you need a new prescription. Or maybe your eyes are just tired after a long night of binging with your favorite show.

Whatever the cause, with most modern computer platforms, it is fairly easy to make the text larger and reduce the amount of loens required. Here's how to make it happen.

Larger text with Android

To increase the text size:

  • Open your system settings and go to the & # 39; Accessibility & # 39; section
  • Tap the "Font size" option and move the slider at the bottom of the screen to the right to make the text as large as you want

To make everything bigger – including notifications, the clock and icons on your home screen -:

  • Go back to the "Accessibility" menu
  • Tap the "Display Size" option (this is available on phones with the Android 7.0 Nougat release of 2016 and higher)
  • Adjust the resolution of your screen where you are comfortable

The Chrome Android browser has its own separate setting for increasing text size on the internet:

  • Open Chrome, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner and select & # 39; Settings & # 39;
  • Tap "Accessibility" and then adjust the "Scale text" slider until the text is comfortably legible

You can also activate a system-wide magnification function that allows you to zoom in on any part of your screen to make it considerably larger.

  • Go back to the "Accessibility" section
  • Tap the "Magnification" option
  • You have the choice to enlarge with a three-tap or with an "Accessibility" button. Tap the function you want to activate and switch it on.
  • If you press the & # 39; Accessibility & # 39; When you switch on, you will see a small icon that looks like a person at the far right of the lower icon bar. When you tap on it and then drag your finger across your screen, the content is considerably enlarged.

Larger text with iOS

  • Open your system settings and tap "Display & brightness"
  • Tap the & # 39; Text Size & # 39; option and move the slider at the bottom of the screen to make the text as large as you want
  • If you want to make the text even larger than the slider allows, go back to the main settings menu, tap & # 39; General & # 39;> & # 39; Accessibility & # 39;> & # 39; Larger text & # 39; . This allows you to enlarge the text considerably with the same slider at the bottom of the screen.

Like Android, iOS also has a system-wide magnification function, which you can activate by going to the "Accessibility" section:

  • Go to Settings> General> Accessibility
  • Tap "Zoom" and enable the function

You now have a window that you can move around the screen to enlarge everything on that screen. Double tap with three fingers to remove or return the window.

Larger text on the internet

Most desktop web browsers have simple keyboard commands to instantly enlarge the text. (Most also have the same commands available in their menus, but using keyboard commands is a lot faster and easier.)

On a Windows system:

  • In Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl and the plus key (+) to make text larger or Ctrl and the minus key (-) to make it smaller.

On a Chrome OS system:

  • In any browser window, press Ctrl and the plus (+) key to make text larger, or Ctrl and the minus key (-) to make it smaller.

On a Mac system:

  • In Chrome, press the + command + plus key (+) option to make text larger or the + command + minus key (-) option to make text smaller.
  • In Firefox and Safari, press the command and the plus key (+) to make text larger and the command + minus key (-) to make text smaller.

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