How to make funny Valentine’s cards at home

The typical funny Valentine’s cards are quirky, witty and funny to read. Usually addressed to friends, family members, work colleagues and playmates, they can enhance the sense of camaraderie and unity that exists, even across the farthest distances. Such messages maintain closeness, and keep the friendship intact, reminding them of how much they are loved and appreciated. Writing these messages could be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, Boomf has a lot of pre-written funny Valentine’s cards for you to use. Just click here to check it out. Use the cards themselves as presents or as a source of inspiration to make yours. Funny Valentine’s cards can be found on the internet’s vast section of online stores and love-themed businesses. These sites offer unique pre-designed cards which you could order and send to your intended recipients, usually cost-friendly and also be customized to your specific taste or that which the recipient would value as a personified message.

However, the importance of handmade funny Valentine’s cards can simply not be overestimated. The sheer potential for creativity and effect is limitless and infinite as you are completely free to design, write and send these messages as you want for maximum appeal to your loved ones. 

Making Funny Valentine’s cards at home

Funny Valentine’s cards can be made using readily available resources at home. They are usually constructed from paper of any grade, from lightweight to thick papers. Decorate with watercolors and diagrams. Following the simple steps below, you would be able to create funny Valentine’s card in the comfort of your home.

  1. Decide what type of funny Valentine’s card you want to send and to whom you are sending it.
  2. Draw the desired shape and size on the material to be used.
  3. Cut out carefully, staying within the range of your drawn shape.
  4. Decorate with colored pens, stickers, and watercolor pens. Do ensure your color choice agrees with the message you are about to send 
  5. Attach a personal element (it can be anything you and the recipient share, a phrase, a picture, a quote, a reference to a song, or anything they alone would understand)
  6. Write out your messages and seal the card
  7. Send along with a small gift or promise. After all, love is giving.

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Ideas for making funny Valentine’s cards original

When making funny Valentine’s cards, put it in mind that everything about the card should be funny, from the shapes to the drawing and even the message. Here are a few templates of funny Valentine’s cards.

  • Cut a rectangular shape that is not equal and make it obvious. The person you are sending it to will think it is a mistake until the message states that it is not.
  • Make stick drawings at the front like a child’s own. This will make the person think that it is “child’s play” and laugh at your childish efforts
  • Draft a really funny and personal message into the card. Do not forget to mention that the inequality of the card shape is intentional. Have this draft on one side before writing it into funny Valentine’s cards
  • If you want to use an envelope, try drawing something funny on the envelope so that as soon as the person sees it, he laughs, changes his look or rolls his eyes.

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Funny Valentine’s cards can be ordered from anywhere but have more fun and spice to them when they are made at home. Homemade funny Valentine’s cards have this personalized effect it gives to whoever is reading them. The sarcasm, and drawing all relate to that person and such a person comes to appreciate funny Valentine’s cards.

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