How to make a motorbike long trip more comfortable

Motorbikes road trips seem comfortable for some time when you are on the road. But as you hit the road for a longer time interval you will realize that any bike can become torture for you if you are constantly sitting and spending hours on the saddle. But there are many ways which can fix your problem and make your ride comfortable.

There are certain methods by which you can modify your bike. It will save money too.

First of all hydrate yourself

The foremost important thing before hitting the road for a long trip is keeping yourself hydrated. Staying hydrated also maintains your energy level. Water also helps to keep your joints moving. Keep cells functioning and prevent infection. You can see the hydration levels by just observing urine. Remember that your aim should be to urinate once in an hour all day and your urine should be clear. It if is yellow or dark it means you need to drink more water. Staying hydrated also boosts your mood and improves your focus. So just go for hydration packs. You can place them in your backpack also. You can get durable and good quality of motorcycle bags from the Viking bag. As they provide you an immense range of bags.

Improving grip 

Every part of your body should be comfortable while riding, so are your hands too. Remember this thing that if your handlebars are oily, wet, greasy, or having some dirt over them don’t start washing your bike instead clean the handlebars by spray and a soft cloth. Besides that keep your hands in good shape and in good grip too while traveling.

Safety gears

You have to keep in mind where you are moving and what the climatic condition of your destination is. It can be very cold, hot, rainy, or foggy. If you are wearing proper safety gear then your ride can be comfortable. Safety gears include

  1. Helmet
  2. Gloves
  3. Pant
  4. Riding footwear
  5. Riding suits
  6. Safety glasses
  7. Earplugs


 These safety gears should allow proper ventilation, many types of safety gears help the sweat to get absorbed leaving the cooling effect on the body. When it’s too hot you can also soak up silk scarf in water and use it, this will also give you a cooling effect while traveling. You can also take your luggage along with you and make your journey comfortable. A vast range of motorcycle bags is there to keep your luggage and accessories store, which you can get easily from Viking bags at a reasonable price.

Change position

Try to change your position and move around on the seat of your bike. Either move backward on your seat and stretch your legs or put your legs on the rear peg to change posture and make your legs a bit relaxed. But be sure you are safe about it.

Have some break

When you are riding non stop it becomes important to take a break. You can stop somewhere, have a snack, or a cup of coffee to refresh your mind. This is a good way to recharge yourself mentally. You can also communicate with locals, have a selfie, and capture beautiful moments. Besides that, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and other breathtaking views, so it can be so soothing for your soul. 

Comfort with heated grip

The thing that could make your journey less pleasurable is cold. Your hands are one who has to maneuver your bike. So it’s very important to prevent your hands from getting cold because it could lead you in danger. So to overcome this problem you can fix a heated grip on your bike which is very easy. There are a few things that are required. You may need glue, a knife, a set of spanners, and a screwdriver. 


The windscreen is really important in protecting you against dust, dirt, air pressure, and bugs. So before traveling make sure that your bike is equipped with a windscreen that doesn’t have scratches on it. Because if you are riding a sportbike, the poor condition of your windscreen can ruin the outlook of your bike. So the windscreen is very much important for traveling long distances.

Comfort with seat pads

If your bike seat is uncomfortable you won’t be able to enjoy your journey. So few modifications can make a real difference.

Try to use wooden bead or pad

Get air cell cushion

Get your bike installed with gel pads

Try to install foam cushion on your seat