How to Maintain your Outdoor Furniture This Winter

Your outdoor furniture is essential since you spend quality time with friends and family during warm months. During the cold season, you need to protect the furniture since they are valuable. All items need maintenance, whether they are plastic, wood, or metal. Here are simple tips for maintaining your outdoor furniture this winter.

Clean the Furniture


For starters, you need to clean your furniture thoroughly. Particles, dirt, and moisture on the items can lead to rusting or rotting. Plastic patio furniture is easy to maintain since you only need water, soap, and a rag to wash them. After that, you should dry it with a towel to eliminate all the moisture.


As for metal furniture, you will clean it using mild soap and water. Avoid using bleach since it will corrode the metal. What’s more, you need to dry the furniture so that it won’t rust. Wicker furniture needs a hose or pressure washer to get rid of debris and dirt. You should let them dry under a shade for seamless storage later.


Fabric furniture such as hammocks and cloth chairs require machine washing. You can use bleach if you have white items to make them brighter. Next, you need to hand them outside so that they can dry up completely. Wood items need adequate soap and water to clean them.


Coat the Furniture


Metal furniture that has rusted over time needs fresh paint to make it durable and appealing. If the metal shows no sign of corrosion, paste wax is suitable to protect the aluminum finishes. Textiles such as pillows and cushions will need a high-quality fabric protector after washing them.


Wood needs utter protection from moisture that makes it rot. In that regard, a sealant is necessary to waterproof the furniture. The sealant shields wood from cracking and warping due to weather elements. Plastic items need soap and water to get them ready for winter.


Cover the Furniture


After coating the furniture, you need to cover it if you don’t have room to store it. Thus, you should buy waterproof covers to shield your furniture from the harsh weather elements. Wind, rain, snow, and sleet damage your items if you leave them exposed. You should also cover your furniture if you intend to store them inside. It will protect it from dust, pests, and dirt that ruin the visual appeal. Ensure that the covers are clean before you use them on your furniture. This way, you won’t have to re-wash your furniture once the chilly season is over.


If you have glass pieces, you need to wrap them in blankets or towels. The primary reason is that extreme frosty temperatures crack glass items. Thus, you can protect them by covering them to ward off the cold.


Store the Furniture


The last step is to store furniture depending on space availability in your home. A storage shed, garage, or basement is ideal for keeping the items. You can also go for a covered patio or deck if you have limited storage area. Alternatively, you can use some furniture in your bedroom or living room as well. A storage unit is another option if your house isn’t big enough to fit the items.


The storage area should be in excellent condition, free from damaged structures and leaks. Rodents and water can get inside if the place has holes or cracks. It would help if you kept pieces like pillows and cushions in carton boxes. They will be clean and dry when you need to use them after winter. Bundle up plastic chairs so that you can have extra space to keep other stuff.


Final Thoughts


Caring for your outdoor furniture requires four simple steps. You need to clean, coat, cover, and store it. The set of activities will boost the furniture’s visual appeal and durability. You will save money that you could have used to purchase new items due to weather damages.