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How to Maintain Work-Life Balances When You Work From Home


Before 2020, less than 20% of the Malaysian population worked remotely from home. 2020 changed this during lockdowns as a result of the spreading of the Coronavirus. Now more than 80% of the population shifted from going to their offices to working from home. We all love the freedom that comes with working under less pressure from constant supervision. While it is fun, it can be tough trying to remain disciplined to deliver efficiently. It can feel like a temptation having to block everything else off your mind. Working from home means children, irresistible movies and favorite games, and perhaps a few drinks are all trying to drift your attention from tasking. It is, therefore, easy to underperform working under such circumstances. Here are some tips for you to maintain a work-life balance at home.

  • Make time for entertainment.

Tasking continuously can get boring, and you might end up experiencing burnout. The idea is to keep tracking your time. Most people find it refreshing and relieving to play online games. Besides, most land-based casinos are still trying to reopen after Covid. Not to worry, Online Casino Malaysia is a one-stop-shop for all your gambling needs. Just make sure playtime does spiral into your working time.

  • Create a work schedule and follow it religiously.

You need to create a schedule and slot in every important activity you have for the day. Make sure you include time for resting, working, and entertainment. All these activities are crucial for your well-being, and a schedule can help you set boundaries. A schedule is only important if you can stick to it. Your discipline in following the time allocated for each activity determines how effectively your schedule works. If you can follow it, then you can maintain your work-life balance.

  • Unplug

It’s wise to set apart some time to unplug. No phone, TV, or zoom meetings, just you alone. Get some time alone and have some fresh air. It can be exhausting being online most of the time. You probably spend more time on your PC for most of your activities. Job meetings, movies, interviews, connecting with family, and entertainment all need gadgets, and it can be tough to get time for yourself. Keep your devices away and enjoy some time alone. Meditation is one of the best ways to stay healthy and focused. It should help you take care of yourself and work without compromising on either of them.

  • Get help

Shifting your workstation from the office to your house can cause challenges. The idea of having colleagues around in the office is to make it easy for you to consult. Your relationships shouldn’t have to change. You can always get support and assistance from friends, family, and colleagues. Instead of struggling to fix things alone. Make use of your networks and connect and see how easily you can get things done. It’s quite a relief to know that help is always one text or call away.

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