How to Light Your House in the Right Way

It sounds cliché, but lighting has a strong role to play when it comes to improving the aesthetic appeal of the house. Especially when you want to improve the mood and ambiance of your personal space, lighting can help you in a plethora of ways. In this blog, we will sift you through a few intriguing techniques that can help in lighting up your house the right way. Make sure to read till the end:

  • Always Consider The ceiling Height

When it comes to making the right choice about the light fixtures, the ceiling’s height becomes paramount. Although most lights come with adjustable rods, you cannot expect every vendor to be generous enough. If you want to consider an important tip, always use the rule of thumb to select a light whose bottom can easily hang between 12 to 20 inches of the ceiling in your home. However, if you want the lights to hang even below a certain length, ask the seller to add 3 inches in the light rod. For example, if you want to add led lights for room, it is best to get customized lighting fixtures. 

  • Plan it Out

The easiest way to light up your home is during the building of your property. Even if you are considering the renovation of your home, talk to a veteran interior designer, and plan out everything in advance. Not to forget, if you are successful in adjusting everything before the completion of the house, it will be easy for the architecture to make changes. Once the construction of the house is complete, it will be hard for you to make quick changes. Adding LED lights during the construction work gives you the advantage of looking at the bigger picture. 

  • Turn it Up

When it comes to the lighting of the entire house, down restrain yourself to the downlights. Depending on the requirements of your property, consider all spaces in the house. You can also choose to create a sweet ambiance by chucking out the traditional lights in your home. Despise incorporating the harsh down lighting because they can easily make a big space look smaller. In today’s time, people are incorporating LED lights in every part of their homes because they look classy. Furthermore, if you want to improve the area of your home, choose bright colored lights in different portions. 

  • Light Up Your Stairs

Stairs are often overlooked when it comes to adding aesthetic appeal to the house. Keep in mind, if you add lights to the stairs, they will curtail the risks of someone falling. Especially during the night time, it becomes crucial to go the extra mile when navigating throughout the house. Because staircases are perfectly enclosed, you can light them up from different sides. However, make sure to choose the right lighting because it will have an impact on the look of the house interior. In modern houses, staircases are embellished in the best way possible because they add to the magnificent look of the house. 

  • Table Hopping

When it comes to hanging a light over a table, you must consider table hopping. Experts recommend people to settle for a distance of between 28 to 34 inches from the bottom. In simple words, the lighting size can create a difference. For example, if you want to settle for a larger light in the house, you can move it upwards; however, if you have plans to keep a small lighting table, you can adjust it at a lower height. Settle for 150w led high bay lights if you are planning to use them for the first time. Secondly, choose a lighting fixture that is in coherence with the color scheme of your table. 

  • Get Your Swag On

If you want to play around with lighting, now is the best time to experiment with different ideas. In simple words, choose anything that looks unique and go with the flow. In modern households, people are experimenting with their unique ideas. Especially when it comes to lighting, you can create a lot of difference by choosing different color schemes. Don’t be worried about what people will say because the world will always have a perspective on your ideas. So get your swag on and make your home look funky with intriguing lighting options.