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How to learn and cast Wizardry Spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


After leveling up the first time Wo Long: fallen dynastyyou unlock the ability to cast Spells. The menu for learning spells and their requirements aren’t explained really well and the system is a bit confusing.

Us Wo long Wizardry Spell guide explains how to unlock and learn spells, and what requirements a particular spell has.

Leveling up and learning spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

When you level up your character at a Battle Flag, you add points to your Five Phases Virtues (basically elemental magic). These have different effects on your (many) stats, but the ones that affect Wizardry Spells include:

  • Spell Duration — how long the effects of your buff spells last
  • Wizardry Spell Spirit Consumption — a modifier for how much Spirit a spell requires
  • Basic skills — Damage bonus for spells in each of the five stages

Every few levels you unlock the ability to learn new spells. When this happens, you can learn one new spell in each of the five stages, even if you can’t cast them.

Understanding what spells you can cast deserves its own section.

How to learn spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In the Learn wizardry menu at one Battle flagyou see five trees with spells corresponding to the five stages.

Each spell has a minimum virtue requirement.
Image: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

There’s a lot going on in this menu and it’s not really explained, so let’s run through it:

  • At the top you will see how many spells you can learn in that tree. These are yours Spell points in five stages. If there’s an exclamation point, like in the image above, you’ve got points you can use.
  • At the bottom left you will see your flow Five Stages Virtues (the virtues you have exalted). This will matter so much.
  • On the right side you will see a description of the spell with a few numbers and symbols.
  • The first symbol and number is a Five Phases star and the number of Virtue Points you need in that Five Phases Virtue to cast the spell. In the image above, we have one point on Earth, but the spell requires two – that’s why the number is red (pink).
  • The middle symbol and number is the minimum moral rank required for the spell.
  • The third symbol, which vaguely resembles a Z, and the number next to it is the amount of Spirit it takes to roll.

The confusing thing here is that you can learn any spell you want to follow along the branches of the tree. But the Virtue Point requirements for the spells you can learn often exceed the Virtue Points you’ve allocated. When you (try to) learn one of these spells, you get a warning that says you cannot use this wizard spell with your current attributes. That just means you don’t have the required virtue points.

Once you’ve mastered the magical mechanics, learn how the game’s mind-boggling gear system works and put your skills to the test against Zhang Liang, Wo long‘s cheeky first boss.

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