How to Keep Your Home Secure During the Holidays

Keeping your house secure during the holiday season can be key in making sure that your family and belongings are safe. However, security can be difficult if you aren’t completely aware of the methods people use to get into households today. Look into these security methods that you can adopt in your household.


Security Cameras


More often than not, criminals don’t want to get caught in the act of breaking into your home. Utilizing security cameras around your house can be a good deterrent to make sure they don’t even try getting in your home. Make sure that your security cameras are actually hooked up though so that you can record any evidence in case they decide to break into your home whether you are there or not. Ensure that you look into installing security cameras around your house soon.




As your house locks get older, they can be easier to pick for criminals skilled in lockpicking. Changing out your house locks every couple of years can be a great way to ensure that criminals either can’t get in at all or have to work harder on your locks which can get them caught more easily. Make sure that you look into switching out your locks on your house around the holiday season.




Making a burglary violent often isn’t the goal of someone breaking into your home which is why they typically try to make sure that you’re not going to be home when they break-in. This can be done by checking up on your social media pages and finding out hints like if you’re going to be out of town at the time of the planned robbery. To ensure that criminals aren’t planning a robbery around your holiday plans, make sure that you don’t share those plans anywhere public so that random people can’t see them. You’ll also want to make sure that you clean out your friend’s list on social media pages every so often as many people have found out that the criminal breaking into their home is someone that they have had a connection with before. By keeping up with your privacy, you’ll block out another way criminals use to plan their crimes.


Hiding Gifts


Showcasing all your gifts under the Christmas tree can be a great way to anticipate the holidays. However, this can be dangerous as someone looking into your home can see a clear target for them to steal. To ensure that criminals don’t take a look into your gifts, make sure that you keep your Christmas tree far away from the public like moving it to the back of your house instead of the front. Consider also putting out your Christmas presents closer to the day instead of leaving them out for weeks so someone can come in and swoop them up. Make sure that you hide your gifts always if you don’t want to be a large target for criminals.


Package Deliveries

As more people shop online for their Christmas presents rather than going into a store, criminals are always on the hunt for boxes laying out on your front porch that they can quickly grab and run away with. To make sure that nobody steals from your front step, think about installing a doorbell camera on your front door. Doorbell cameras are useful as services like Ring automatically alert you whenever motion is detected so you can see if a package was delivered or if someone is snooping on your front door. For those that might not be able to get to their door in time after a package is delivered, think about using a locker service like Amazon Locker that ensures that your package is going to be safe until you open up your locker with a code that you’ll only have. Keeping your packages safe is crucial when you don’t want to lose your money and time you spent shopping online.