How to Keep Your Home Sanitized During The Holidays

Keeping your home clean and sanitized during the holiday season is crucial to your family’s health. If you’re expecting loved ones in your home during the holidays, it’s important to make sure everything is as sanitized as possible. We’ve got a few ways to sanitize your home during the holiday season.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Within Reach

Make sure cleaning supplies are where you can find them quickly. If you need to clean up a spill or spray a surface, you’ll be able to get to them quickly. Keep the bathroom cleaner and a sponge under sinks within easy reach. You’ll not only be able to clean up messes quickly, but also attack germs before anyone touches the surface.

Clean Out The Refrigerator

Old food starts to grow mold and bacteria which isn’t a great thing for your refrigerator. Take time to clean it out as you go this holiday season. You don’t want anyone grabbing something and eating it without noticing hairy growth. Stay on top of expired items throwing them out to make room for new ones.

Sanitize And Wash Your Hands

Sanitize your hands after you touch surfaces in your home. It’s important to use a hand sanitizer with 60 percent (or higher) alcohol. Keep hand sanitizer in easily accessible areas throughout the house so it’s always available to anyone in any room. Wash your hands with soap and water before and after you touch things in your home. Make sure to saturate hands with both for 20 seconds. Dry your hands thoroughly.

Take Care Of Sponges And Dish Towels

If it isn’t stored correctly, the everyday sponge can carry mold as well as thousands of foodborne pathogens and tiny germs. Clean it by putting it in the dishwasher then the microwave for about two minutes. You should always squeeze out all of the excess water letting it air dry. It’s also important to properly clean and store your cloth dish towels. You can do this by washing them after each use in the washing machine with hot water.

Clean The Cutting Board

Lots of cooking means lots of prep work. Don’t forget to clean the cutting board. Always clean it with hot water and soap before you start to slice anything. Always keep vegetables and raw meat separate to avoid cross-contamination.

Sanitize The Countertops

It’s always important to clean the surfaces as you cook. It’s not only about wiping away germs, but wiping away tiny pieces of food that could attract household pests. You can use bleach to sanitize your countertops after you wipe them down with soap and water.

Clean The Toilet Handle

Many people remember to clean the toilet bowl, but don’t think about the toilet handle. Many nasty pests can live on that small handle. Wipe it down with disinfectant. Your disinfectant should list that it fights bacteria or viruses on the label.

Clean the Kitchen After Baking

Baking can create a lot of mess on the counters. Before you even start baking, take time to empty the dishwasher. It’ll be ready for all of the dishes so they aren’t piling up in the sink collecting dirt and grime. Clean all of the surfaces when you are done with the ingredients to keep everything as sanitized as possible.

Don’t Forget Random Items

Don’t forget to clean and sanitize everyday items you touch. Things like light switches, phones, remote controls, and keyboards are things you frequently touch. Wipe them down with a disinfecting wipe.

By following these sanitization efforts this holiday season, your home should be guarded against bacteria and viruses. Stay on top of the game and don’t let your guard down. Cleaning your home is easy if you take it a day at a time.