How to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient During the Holidays

The holiday is a season with busy activities in your home. It’s time to host family members, friends, and parties. Although it comes with jubilation, fun, and enjoyment, it can also be so frustrating to get substantial energy bills due to the many activities during the holiday.

During this time, you’ll be expected to run many activities that can consume more energy. Luckily, there are several ways you can minimize power usage that will help you save a lot on energy bills. Here’s what to do.

Invest in LED Lights

LED lights save up to 90% energy than traditional lighting. Even though they are slightly higher when you purchase, they’ll save you money in the long run. Therefore, install LED lights in every area of your home and enjoy maximum lighting during the holiday.

Apart from saving energy costs with LED lights, they’re also durable. Meaning, they can stand the test of time, and you won’t have to keep replacing lights often. LED lights also make your home appear beautiful due to their decorative nature.

Limit Your Lights On

Lighting every part of your home can be fun and creates a relaxed mood. They are a staple for a holiday and make you want to enjoy your stay all through. However, they can also lead to high energy bills when left on for more extended periods.

Running the lights from morning to late in the evening before going to bed can drain your electricity. This will result in high energy bills in the long run.

Therefore, to save energy, limit the time for lights on, and only light up when necessary. When done, ensure you switch off the lights. For effectiveness, you can connect the lights to a timer so that they can go off when done with your home errands.

Be Cautious When Cooking

A holiday is a season that people around you’d want to eat throughout the day. This is a time when you need to cook a variety of meals to keep your family together, happy, and entertained. During this time, you can consume more energy than ever before.

Luckily, there are ways you can still cook your food while saving on energy. For instance, you can decide to cook food together with family and friends instead of doing it in bits. This will minimize the number of ovens running at once.

In short, multitasking is the way to go. Bake together dishes that require the same oven temperature to reduce the time that the oven runs. Also, instead of opening the oven door often, use an oven light to check on your food’s progress. Opening it all the time will make the oven lose more heat, resulting in high energy bills.

Lower the Heat

During the holiday, you’ll want to turn on your thermostat to keep your family or friends warm during get-togethers. However you do not want to overwork your HVAC unit. But the good news is that with many people in your home, there will be more warmth which can increase the level of comfort and make you enjoy the holiday.

You’ll also get heat supply in your home as your cook and bake. This will create a warm temperature, and there will be no need to turn on your thermostat.

Another source of heat is a fireplace. You can maximize the heat that comes from a fireplace instead of turning on your thermostat. Therefore, ensure you turn down the heat on your thermostat to minimize energy consumption.

Gift Energy Efficiency

People love to get gifts during the holiday, and one of the most popular gifts is electronics. Purchasing the gifts may seem like an expensive thing, especially when you go for energy star qualified electronics. But it can provide many benefits in the long run. There are multiple options in the market. Therefore, ensure any tech you give or receive is energy efficient.

The Bottom Line

Using the tips above will help you minimize energy consumption that will result in lower bills. You don’t want to end your holiday after paying more money on energy bills.