How to Get Your Parents to Use a Mobility Devices

Dealing with your parents getting older can be difficult for a multitude of reasons. One of the more difficult reasons is getting your parents to fully understand that they might need additional help for their daily life such as using a mobility device. Take these steps in getting your parents to use a mobility device.


Arguably the hardest part of getting your elderly parents the help they need is the balance of control. Like most people once they get into their teens, your parents probably like the feeling that they can do whatever they want within legal limits without having somebody or something trying to stop them. To come up with a good compromise for this issue, look into mobility devices that allow your parents to have the freedom they need to do whatever they want like going out and doing errands while still having help beside them. Understanding the balance of control will always be crucial when dealing with your parents as they get older.


While you might be frustrated trying to get your parents help while they keep refusing, you must keep a positive and empathetic mindset towards them. Aging is difficult for anyone and the way to help your parents with empathy is to lay out the details in what benefits they will be getting by using a mobility device along with the downsides over time if they decide to go without a device. This process might not work the first time but as long as you stay being empathetic, you’re likely to have your parents side with you eventually.


Parents generally try to respect their children but they often have a line between respect and believing everything their children are saying vs their own beliefs. Bringing in professionals like doctors into this situation can be beneficial as they might be more willing to listen to someone who deals with these types of situations for a living. As a bonus, professionals can also help you move forward by advising on what would be the best type of mobility device for your parents.


At some point in advising your parents about mobility devices, they may be ok with the idea of getting a device to help them but not so necessarily on the exact device picked out for them. To work with parents in this situation, consider showcasing various types of mobility devices that are available as your parents might be able to quickly pick out the type that they are comfortable with. Always give options when getting your parents to use a mobility device.

Living On Their Own

If there is a form of control that elderly parents hate the most, it’s the idea that they might have to move out to live with their children or in an elderly home. It’s important when suggesting a mobility device to your parents that you emphasize that as they get older, it may be crucial that they move out if they don’t use a device since it will become harder to accomplish daily tasks like cooking their own food or taking the trash out. Elderly parents will then very likely work with you on picking out a mobility device so they don’t have to think about the process of moving out.


Mobility devices aren’t just a way to help elderly people accomplish tasks they couldn’t on their own but to help them out with their own safety. Without using a mobility device, elderly people may fall in situations of bad weather and not be able to get up on their own. Accidents like this get worse as you get older since bones become more fragile while not necessarily having family around to help you get up. To keep your parents safe, ensure that you emphasize the importance of safety when discussing mobility devices with them.