How to Get Through a Sudden Loss

Although death is certain, many people are still shocked when it happens. The situation becomes worse if the death wasn’t expected. It will take some time to heal especially if the deceased was someone you cared for deeply. The following are techniques you can use to cope with sudden death.

Be Mindful of Your Needs

Losing someone you love all of a sudden is shocking. You may find yourself unable to cope with the situation because you still can’t believe they’re gone. Don’t give in to the stress. If you do so, you’ll be too weak to do anything.

Instead, keep up with your normal routines. Doing what you love will keep your mind off things for a while. It will help you to slowly accept the situation. Look after your body by eating well and getting enough sleep. Try a new activity such as yoga and rock climbing.

Get Support from Others

Grief can make you want to isolate yourself and stay away from people. If you do that for extended periods, you can make the situation worse. Being alone makes you susceptible to overthinking. Memories of your loved one can cloud your judgment and make you depressed.

People need to be around you during tough times. You don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to. Their presence will be enough to lift your spirits. Also, be vocal. Tell people what you want from them. People may want to be there for you, but they don’t know what you need. Tell them how they can support you.

In some instances, it helps to join a support group. There’s a reason why support groups are highly recommended for traumatic cases. It’s easier to talk to a person that’s experiencing the same emotion as you.

Be Prepared

Although some people will say there are 5 stages of depression (denial, anger, negotiation, depression, and acceptance), it doesn’t always happen that way. People rarely experience the same emotions. Therefore, be prepared to experience a range of emotions you never thought existed. For example, you may be confused for a while before everything sinks in.

You may also be scared because you don’t know how or why the person died. You’ll ask yourself several questions internally and then develop irrational fears.

Embrace the Loss

After the sudden death of a loved one, you’ll hear all kinds of advice from people. Some may be offending while others won’t make sense. Don’t be mad at people that unintentionally say hurtful things. Death is awkward for everyone and they’re trying their best to support you.

Some people will tell you to ignore the pain and sorrow and it will disappear by itself. However, if you put something at the back of your mind, it has a habit of showing itself every time. Therefore, never ignore the pain. Embrace and accept it to move forward.

Since you’re human, it’s okay to cry because you lost a loved one. Don’t be shy, let it all out so that you can feel some relief.

Also, you shouldn’t have a time limit for mourning. You can mourn for weeks or months as long as you’re getting better.

Do What you Must

The sudden unexpected death of a loved one can shatter your world. You’ll feel as if everything has stopped and there’s nothing to keep you going. However, time never stops. It keeps going with those willing to move on. Give yourself time to mourn a loved one by going back to work after the funeral.

If you run a business, make sure you open for work on Monday. Sort out all pending deliveries so that you don’t go out of business.

Sometimes you can be too weak to do anything. In that case, ask a friend or family member to perform important duties on your behalf.